Friday Jan 18

LA: bring in advertisement for Tues; fill out headlines worksheet

Sci: bring in materials for cup challenge

Wed Jan 16

Science Cup Challenge Due Jan 29 (report, cup & sales pitch)

French: Prepare verb lesson for the class

Math: Explore geogebra - see if the interior angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees

Raptors tomorrow!!!!

No School Monday

Tues Jan 15

Math: Finish stations & text book pg 259 Q 9

Sci Quiz tomorrow; sketchnote due Wed

French Test ?


Monday Jan 14

LA: Find and label article with all the elements discussed in class (instructions sent to your email)

Math: Review polygon slides for homework

Sci: Finish Heat Sketchnote & use it to study for quiz on Wed

Health Poems due next class

Ski Trip $ due asap


Fri jan 11

LA: bring in newspapers

Math: Line segment sheet


Thurs Jan 10

LA: Bring in a newspaper for tomorrow's class; finish True/False sheet on news (in your email)

Math: Quiz tomorrow on measuring & bisecting angles; do complementary & supplementary review sheet

Health: Poems due next class, be ready to present.

French: Presentations tomorrow

Other: ski/raptors trip


Wed Jan 9

French: Writing due tomorrow, Presentation on Friday

LA: Bring in a newspaper

Science: Finish Radiation Lab questions

Health: Poems due next class, be ready to present.


Tues Jan 8

LA: Check out the Libby App

  • Library books due back ASAP
  • Finish poetry reflection, hand in ASAP

Math: Complimentary/Supplementary Angles Sheet

Other: Ski & Raptors Trip Due on first come, first serve basis

  • Wear All black for dodgeball tourny
  • SKI TRIP WILL BE Jan 28 & March 4, 2019


Monday Jan 7

LA: finish paragraph for homework; due tomorrow

Math: review terms for geometry *ignore last slide - no worksheet to do yet

French: Pendant mes vacances d'hiver presentation due Friday

Other: Dodgeball $ due tomorrow; Raptors trip $/form due asap


Friday Dec 21

*homework for the holidays - connect with your family, be active, get outdoors & read :)


Thurs Dec 20

-bring stuff to decorate your gingerbread house (candy), bowl, spoon, ziploc bag, etc.

Tues Dec 18

LA: ready to present poem tomorrow - with reflection & rubric

French: poster due Thurs

Dance money & secret santa


Monday Dec 17


Good copy of poems due Wed

SS Test tomorrow

Secret Santa Friday

Bring device tomorrow*

French good copy due Thurs

Fri Dec 14

LA: Poetry Cafe on Wed

Math: first 2 tables into circle graphs

SS Inquiry Presentations next day


WE ARE VISITING CHURCHILL MEADOWS ON MONDAY - need walking permission forms (Zartash, Ali, Sara A) & to bring your library card with you

Wed Dec 12

Math Test tomorrow on data management

Health: What is vitamin B/B12? Explain the benefits. Look at ONE food label (something you usually eat) and analyze the calories, amt of protein/fiber/fat/sugar

LA: look up one example of spoken word; come up with a theme or topic for your final poem (topic - due Friday; rough draft of poem due Mon, presentation/good copy due Wed next week)

Secret Santa budget $10

Tues Dec 11

Dance next week - $2 (all other activities are free next friday)

Math: Review data management unit for test on Thursday (bias, primary/secondary, census/sample, stem & leaf, analyzing data)

Science: lab sheets are complete

Health: matching terms sheet is due tomorrow (both sides)

Secret Santa gift due next Friday

Kindness Act is Friday - plan & execute


Mon Dec 10

LA: Finish I am poem (15-20 lines) & hand in literary device posters

Math: Do this question in your math notebook:

The mean of a set of numbers is 8. What might the numbers be?

Other: bring in a canned food donation for tomorrow (Tues)

-$2 for dodgeball (sick kids hospital)

Wed Dec 5:

-ask parents about secret santa

-bring in $/cans for food force

-LA Posters due tomorrow


Tues Dec 4:

*Science: review convection, conduction, radiation slides - take notes, be ready to discuss tomorrow

*SS: Finish handouts

*read for 20 min, be active for 20 min, connect with your family :)

*Collecting $2 for dodgeball and canned items for food force

Mon Dec 3

LA: 4 metaphor examples & 3 onomatopoeia examples (emailed); add to literary devices definition sheet

Math: mean, median, mode & bias question (emailed)

Social Studies : soliloquies presentations tomorrow

Dodge ball $ being collected

Fri Nov 30

Math : make bar graph

Health: Nutrition Sheet

LA: Posters for group 2

French: finish storyboard

Thursday Nov 29

Math: Open link (sent by Ms. Dobson in e-mail) and do page 6

LA: Posters due

Have a nice Day!

Wednesday Nov 28

Math: Page 192 digital number (questions 1-3) on frequency tables (Tally chart)

LA: posters due

Finlayson Trip Thurs - bring litter less lunch & pack warm clothes, outside all day (10am-1pm)

Tues Nov 27

LA: Posters due starting tomorrow; simile self portrait & personification examples due Wed

Science: ecosystem test tomorrow (short answer, review your notes)

Social Studies : soliloquies presentations next day 2

French: worksheet

Finlayson Trip Thurs - bring litter less lunch & pack warm clothes, outside all day (10am-1pm)

Wed Nov 21

Science: Presentations tomorrow (come prepared with what you are going to say AND check your rubric to make sure you've included all information).

French: Review IR, ER, RE verbs

Tues Nov 20

LA: read for 20 min

History: finish questions, soliloquies presentations next day 2

Fitness: check your form in the mirror (either plank or push-up)

French: Review IR, ER, RE verbs

Monday Nov 19

History: write a soliloquies Due: tomorrow

French: study IR, ER, RE verbs

Science: Presentations on Friday. Wed will be given 1 more period to work


Thursday Nov 15

LA: Make sure your Paragraphs are shared with Ms. Dobson by Fri 8am

Health: Google response on Calories Due Monday (email to Ms. D, see rubric)

Science: Slides due by Tues, oral presentation dates TBA

History: Complete your 10 questions by Monday

INTERVIEWS ARE IN the GYM on THURSDAY, in PORT 4 on FRIDAY. Come prepared with your folders

Fri Nov 9

LA: Take a picture of a billboard that you see (search one online)

Math: Textbook Page 245 Question 3 & 4

French: Test next week

Other: report card envelopes due back ASAP & interview forms, Finlayson $

Check out where your local Remembrance Day Ceremony is:


Wed Nov 7

LA: Send Ms. Dobson your Paragraphs and your 6 word memoir

FR: Review your "Mots Cles" French test sometime next week STAY TUNED!

SS/H/G: Finish your Research (no more time in class)


If you haven't handed in your "Postcards for peace" Please bring it in tomorrow.

Have a great day Everyone!

Mon Nov 5

LA: continue work on paragraphs

French: quiz next week

Music: test Wed?


Fri Nov 2, 2018

LA: type out what you have done for your paragraphs

Math: complete the deli problem for homework

FINLAYSON $ & form due ASAP

Thurs Nov 1

LA: Bring your device to class for next; type up what you have for your retell, relate, reflect (Due Mon)

Math: Text book page 60 (digital pg #) Question 5; review King Henry Doesn't Mind Drinking Chocolate Milk

Other: Finlayson Money & Form Due asap

Tuesday Oct 30

LA: Finish Retell and/or Relate Paragraph (Rough Rough Draft)

SCI: Finish your Hypothesis

Nothing Else!

Have a good Day!

Tues Oct 23

Math: factor word problems (3 sent in email)

Science: talk/discuss plan lab inquiry

Show parents FINLAYSON form & student survey form


Mon Oct 22

No homework means...Read for 20 min every night, review your notes, go and be active (*fitness lessons are on physed.rtms.ca under Fitness)

Tell your parents about the ROA - they will be asked to sign it soon :)

Drama: Pick scene

Friday Oct 19

Math - factor/multiple homework slides (in email)

Sci - complete outdoor lab

LA: complete quote connection page

SHOW PARENTS EQAO Scores & note home

Thursday October 18th

Math: Review prime factorization slides and do homework (email)

LA: find meaningful quote if you didn't find one already

Drama: think of scene in fairy tail- write in your agenda

Wed Oct 17, 2018

Math: divisibility Q 1-8


LA: Electronic Messages Due tomorrow

Tues Oct 16, 2018

LA: electronic messages due Thurs (2 paragraphs; same purpose, different audiences)

Sci: bring warm clothes for tomorrow; because we will be going outside for a lab

OPEN HOUSE: WEDNESDAY 6:30-8:00pm (parents please come between 6:30-7:30 if you'd like to speak with me; if you arrive after this, I may not have time to speak with you)

Make sure you have handed in your:

ART tesselation

SS timeline

Art Silouhette

Wanted Poster

All about me math

Mon Oct 15, 2018

LA: Wanted posters completed ASAP

Math: finish Q1-10 from slides

Sci: check abiotic/biotic answers

French: finish first side of page

Other: Picture of your family; Tesselation Art (by end of day tomorrow)

Thursday Oct 4

LA: Finish wanted posters (Due Oct 15)

Math: Finish my life in numbers if you haven't (Due Oct 9)

Art : Finish Silhouette (Due Oct 11)

Science: Abiotic/Biotic Questions (Due Oct 15)

SS/H/G: Finish typing timeline paragraphs (Due Oct 15 or next week)

Extra Reminders:

  • Open house on Oct 17 (6:00-8:00 but you can only meet teachers from 6:00-6:30)
  • Picture day on Oct 15
  • Book fair on Oct 15 - Oct 19

Well that's all enjoy your long weekend! :)

Wed Oct 3

LA: Memoir Presentation tomorrow

French Quiz tomorrow

Math: My Life in Numbers Due Oct 9

Wanted Poster: Due Mon Oct 15

Picture Day Oct 15

Open House Oct 17 6:00-8:00 Meet the teacher 6:00-6:30

Art : Silhouette Due Thurs Oct 11

Science: Abiotic/Biotic Questions: Mon Oct 15

SS: Finish Jot Note Organizer & Start Paragraph

Tues Oct 2

Math: Brainstorm plans for My Life in Numbers: Due Oct 9

SS: Top two boxes for each section

LA: Send memoir slide

French: practice french vocab; quiz Thurs

Mon Oct 1

Science: Read textbook page 10-14; do Key Concept Review Questions 1-6

LA - Send Ms. Dobson Memoir slide; presentation on Thurs Oct 4

SS - Pictures & Dates for Timeline

Art - Good Copy Warm/Cool Silhouette Due next Thurs Oct 11

THURSDAY OCT 4 = ORANGE SHIRT DAY (recognize resildential schools)



Thurs Sept 27

LA - Memoir slide & presentation Due next Thurs

- bring in newspapers/magazines

Terry Fox Run: running attire (comfortable clothes & running shoes - dress in layers), water bottle, Toonie to donate); snacks for afternoon

SS - timeline due next class

Wednesday Sept 26

SS/H/G- Finish researching dates and pictures

FR- If you haven't finished the Acrostic Poem it's due tomorrow

Phys- Show parents or siblings nutrition food video

Terry Fox run FRIDAY!

Toonies for Terry

Happy Wednesday!

Fri Sept 21

LA - Memoirs due Wed; review expectations for oral rubric

SCI - Present magic trick Mon, bring materials & review oral rubric

SS - 3 historical things for tech, social/cultural & political that made your life better (9 total)

Toonies for Terry, Terry Fox Run Friday; Tuesday - PD DAY

Thurs Sept 20

Math - make corrections to review sheet (in another colour)

Sci - bring materials for magic experiment tomorrow; present on Monday

LA- finish 6 word memoir; present on Wed

French - rough copy due tomorrow

S.S. - find 10 historical events that changed your lifes/our important to you

OSR forms returned, toonie for terry

Tues Sept 18

LA - continue work on memoir, one more class to work before deadline assigned

SCI - bring a device

French - search adjectives

SS - optional- find 9 timelines

Osr FORMS/OPC $/Toonie for Terry

Mon Sept 17

LA - finish descriptive paragraph on own picture

French - look up descriptive adjectives



OSR Form signed by parents

Toonie for Terry

Message to parents....Students were resilient and adaptable with our move into the school, way to go!

Fri Sept 14


-finish 3-5 descriptive sentences about mountain pic

-find a picture online (print it or bring in electronic version) ON MONDAY


-finish first page of warm/cool colours value shading

-bring in a silhouette or have idea ready to draw for next class


Bring in OPC $ and Form

Bring in a toonie for Terry

Thurs Sept 13 — Sep 13, 2018 5:46:37 PM

Tues Sept 11 — Sep 11, 2018 6:26:03 PM