Welcome to the RRHS Counseling Department

Mission Statement

The role of the counselor is to assist all students through a comprehensive developmental counseling program to reach their emotional, social, and academic potential.


12th grade

Lisa Martin, A-M

Miriah Affentranger, N-Z

Brenda Garduno (IEP)

11th grade

Ellen Chatterton, A-L

Victoria Ortiz-Sedillo, M-Z

Brenda Garduno (IEP)

10th grade

Vicki Valles Mora, A-K

Jabari Garrette, L-Z

Brenda Garduno (IEP)

9th grade

Irene Bolan-Small, A-Mb

Lorraine Chavez, Mc-Z

Brenda Garduno (IEP)



Please stop by your counselor's office. Counselors have sign-up sheets on their doors for students to request to be seen.


Please contact your student's counselor by phone or email to set up an appointment.



requires completion of 26 credits

4 English Credits – English 9, 10, 11, 12

4 Social Studies Credits – 0.5 NM History, 0.5 World Geography, 1.0 World History, 1.0 US History, 0.5 Economics, 0.5 Government

4 Science Credits – Must include two of the following (from 2 of the 3 different disciplines): Chemistry or Chemistry in the Community, Biology, or Physics, as well as two additional science electives

4 Math Credits - Including Algebra II (it’s equivalent or higher)

1 World Languages or Career Cluster or Workplace Readiness Credit

1 Physical Education Credit

0.5 Health Credit

0.5 Technology Credit

0.5 Fine Arts Credit

6.5 Elective Credits

Students must take one high school credit of a Distance Learning, OR Advanced Placement (AP), OR a Dual Enrollment college class.


New Mexico State Public Education Department: For reading, writing, math, and science, students must take at least two administrations of the PARCC graduation assessments and SBA Science before using an Alternative Demonstration of Competence (ADC). However, students may take an EoC after completing any high school level course and may bank a passing score to employ at a later date in case they do not pass the SBA or PARCC in a subject area.

Students who complete credit requirements but do not meet assessment requirements are eligible for a Certificate of Completion. These students have five (5) years past exiting high school to pass assessments in the required subjects and earn a New Mexico Diploma of Excellence.


Rio Rancho Public Schools Diploma of Distinction Program is an initiative that encourages students to take challenging courses while in high school. This course of study gives students the foundation they need to succeed in a technical school, community college, university, the military, or industry. In order to be recognized with a Diploma of Distinction, students need to meet the requirements listed below:

Rio Rancho Public Schools Diploma of Distinction requires completion of 28 credits with no grade lower than a C-. Weighted course letter grades will not be adjusted.

4 *English Credits – English 9, 10, 11, 12

4 *Social Studies Credits – NM History/Geography, World History, US History, Economics/Government

4 *Science Credits – Must include: Earth & Space/Conceptual Physics**; two of the following: Chemistry, Biology, or Physics: as well as one additional science elective.

4 *Math Credits – Must include Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Trigonometry equivalent or higher. (Financial Algebra, or Everyday Stats does not qualify)

2 World Language Credits in the same language

1 Physical Education Credit

0.5 Health Credit

0.5 Technology Credit

0.5 Fine Arts Credit

7.5 Elective Credits

• Students must have a 3.0 GPA at the end of semester 7 (the fall semester of the senior year)

• Students must take two credits of AP (Advanced Placement) courses.

**An alternate 9th grade science course may be substituted for incoming transfer students.


  • Meet all NM PED and RRPS graduation requirements
  • Earn 4 units of credit on transcript in the same language with a C or better (may be from other institutions and may include a Dual Credit experience to get the 4th credit)
  • Earn a score of 3 or higher on one of the following AP exams: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature – in addition, students will be encouraged by their Language teacher to take the STAMP or AAPPL exam and earn an Intermediate High or higher on either of those exams.


Schedule Change Policy: Time sensitive, deadline 2 weeks after semester begins.

A schedule change will be granted if:

· The student does not meet course prerequisite

· The student is placed in the wrong level of the course

· Missing a core subject or class period

· Adding/dropping a team sport

A schedule change will not be granted for:

· Teacher changes- Parent/Teacher communication needs to occur prior to request.

· Period changes

· Elective changes

· Lunch changes

Year long course have an A and a B after the course name. If you register for a year long class, you will remain in that course for the duration of the school year.

The Counseling department will review the schedule change request form for the criteria above. If the schedule change is granted, you will receive an updated schedule and if your request is not granted, you will receive notification that your request did not meet the criteria above. Students are expected to follow their schedule unless notified of a change, otherwise their attendance will be affected.

The importance of using Power School:

Parent/Teacher communication is crucial to your student’s academic success. Grades, attendance and teacher email addresses are in Power School. Check it regularly!


Two ways to order a transcript:

1. To order your official transcripts, please visit the Parchment website (below).

2. Drop off a stamped envelope at the Registrar's office in the administration building, room 109. When using an envelope, please write the address of the location you would like your transcript delivered to (example on left) and include your student ID number on a note inside the envelope. The registrar will complete the return address portion of envelope.