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Complete the form below to send a question or concern to your counselor. This form is not for emergencies. If you you need help with an emergency issue you need to contact the closest trusted adult or dial 911.

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Mission Statement

Lincoln Middle School’s counseling program is committed to implementing a comprehensive guidance and support designed to serve all students. The counselors work closely with parents, staff, and administrators to ensure that effective strategies are employed to meet student success and achievement.

Meet Your Counselors

Gage Romansky

892-1100 x 540


All 8th Grade Students

7th Grade Last Names A-M

Sheryl Bauer

892-1100 x 528


All 6th Grade Students

7th Grade Last Names N-Z

Magnolia Gonzalez

892-1100 x 527


Social Worker

Students with IEPs

If you or someone you know is in crisis and you are in need of immediate counseling support you can contact:

The New Mexico Crisis and Access Line at 1 (855) NMCRISIS (662-7474)

Appointments with Counselors

Parents-Please contact your student’s Counselor by phone or email to set up an appointment.

Students-To schedule an appointment with your School Counselor, please stop by the counseling suite.

Schedule Change Policy 2019-2020

****Students are only guaranteed one of their top choice elective classes****

A schedule change will not be granted for:

● Teacher preference

● Elective preference

● Wanting to be in the same classes as friends

A schedule change will be granted if:

● The student is missing a class period

● The student is placed in the wrong level of the course

● A different level of math is needed (must meet district guidelines)

● Your student has an existing IEP, 504, or SAT plan that states different accommodations are need

**Schedule Change Policy : Time sensitive, deadline 2 weeks after semester begins**

Mental Health Resources

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