Cielo Azul Elementary


Hello S.A.F.E. parents! We are so exited to see everyone come back this 2020-2021 school year. We are looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces. We have planned for the return of our students and are very happy to spend time with them.

We will be opening up a wait list for grades K-5th to ensure that the ratios of staff to student meets the required guidelines set in place through the health order set by the governor and NM PED. The wait list will open on August 6, 2020.

We are continuously working to plan options that can support families to our greatest ability within the guidelines of our governor and the NM PED. We understand that- families are awaiting next steps for preparing for the upcoming school and we appreciate your patience as the upcoming school year brings many new challenges, but together we will get through this.

S.A.F.E Important Dates to Remember as of now:

Virtual starts August 11th- September 4th.

Waitlist will begin August 6th at 8am-5pm.

Hybrid classes start September 14th.


October 30th– Parent teacher conference (NO SCHOOL)

November 2nd– Parent teacher conference (NO SCHOOL

November 3rd _ Election Day (NO SCHOOL)

November 11th—Veterans Day ( NO SCHOOL)

November 16th-20th—Book Fair

November 20th– Turkey Bingo

November 25th-27 Thanksgiving Holiday (NO SCHOOL)

Weather Reminder:

In the event of a delayed school schedule due to inclement weather; the program WILL NOT operate the before school portion, but will operate as normal during the after school portion of the program. In the event of an early release due to inclement weather; the school will notify parents and the program WILL NOT operate after school. In the event of a school cancellation; the before or after school program WILL NOT operate at all that day.

These dates are subject to change due to the health order that is put in place by the Governor and PED guidelines.