Welcome to the Counselor's Corner

The holidays are rapidly approaching. Some stress, sadness and anxiety are normal feelings around the holidays. It can be hard to distinguish normal teenage behavior from signs of something more serious. Here are some signs to look out for according to Living Healthier Together published by the Anne Arundel Medical Center(Nov. 12, 2018):

  • General health complaints, especially frequent headaches and stomach aches.
  • An increase in irritability or moodiness.
  • Declining grades at school.
  • Losing interest in things they used to enjoy.
  • Changes in eating and hygiene habits.
  • Behavioral changes such as acting out or isolating themselves.

Good self-care can help combat stress and prevent it from becoming a more serious problem. Here are some things you and your teen can do:

  • Get active. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress.
  • Rest. Create a nightly routine to start better sleep habits. Teens need 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night.
  • Eat well. Remember to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and drink plenty of water.
  • Meditation, breathing techniques and yoga are stress relievers.
  • Giving back can foster gratitude and help teens gain perspective.
  • Slow Down. Take time to slow down and enjoy the season.