Welcome to the Counselor's Corner

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Apps for Mental Health Support

Talkspace: Connects securely with a verified licensed therapist.

Sanvello: Offers self-care, peer support, coaching and therapy.

Headspace: Mindfulness and guided meditation for anxiety, sleep imporvement and other mental health issues.

Calm: Calming exercises, breathing techniques and other tools to relax, de-stress, and sleep better.

MindFree: Mindful meditation and guided self-hypnosis for stress, anxiety, emotional burnout, and sleep promotion.

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook: Free, downloadable.

The Virtual Hope Box: coping, relaxation, distraction and positive thinking: can customize.


Students 6-8 will not longer be able to choose foods for their snack packs online. Parents will need to fill out a permission form, and the pre-packed snacks will be delivered to the Middle School and distributed to the students. If you would like for your student to receive a snack pack, please contact Mrs. Gorman for a permission slip at 383-8721 ext. 4015, or email kara.gorman@rrisd.net.