Parent Involvement & Family Engagement Program

Supporting the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships

Welcome to Nevada's Parent Involvement and Family Engagement Program. This comprehensive program is intentionally designed to support educators in using the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships in order to develop a plan to better support all students in their school. Your current practices will serve as the anchor to which you will determine your learning path.

Nevada recognizes that family and community engagement are critical in the success of our students. In 2011, legislation was passed that created a vision for family engagement. The PTA's National Standards for Family School Partnerships are the foundation for Nevada's state and district policies. Based on decades of research, these six standards offer a framework for how schools, families, and the community should work together to ensure student success.

This program is focused around Nevada’s expectations for family engagement. Each module contains four learning sessions in which you will examine the expectations of the standards, study effective practices, explore potential resources to support your plan, and design an authentic plan for effective family engagement.

These sessions can be completed individually or within a group, lead by a facilitator. Choose your method for learning using the navigation bar to the left.