The aim of Royal School Cavan is to allow the students to develop their spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional and physical potential and become fully mature human persons. In a time where mental health is so fundamental to our happiness, growth and development, never has participation in extra curricular sports and activities been so pivotal for our youth. Student participation in sports and activities has many physical, social and mental benefits for their health. It also helps build personal capacity, improve attendance and for some it is an incentive to engage more in school life.

Here at Royal School Cavan sport plays a pivotal role and is embedded deeply in the day to day lives of our students. Our school has enjoyed much success on the sporting fields at both County and Provincial level, as well as at National level. Within the Royal School Cavan we offer a wide range of sport and other activities to all our students. Sports including hockey, soccer, rugby, athletics, badminton, basketball and table tennis are prominent within the school, while other activities such as the chess club, movie club, debating club and choir are also popular amongst our students. Our students are offered the opportunity to participate in sports in either a competitive or non-competitive environment, depending on the students own desire. A lot of credit must go to the various teachers/coaches who give their time to the promotion of sport at Royal School Cavan. Training for these activities takes place both at lunch-time and after school.

On this page you can follow all the up to date sports news from the Royal School Cavan, including fixtures, results and records for all our teams and events. We hope you enjoy the page.