6th Grade





Parent Corner


Grades for students are posted weekly. This resource can be used to monitor your child's academic performance. If ever you forget your power school account log-in info you may contact Suzi Horton, or you can always have your child log-in to their account and show you themselves!



Canvas is where teachers post handouts, class notes, and video links used in class. This is a great resource for students and parents to keep up with assignments, notes and topics being taught in class.

Canvas Log-In

Bulldog Tracker

Home to School Communication

At the beginning of each six weeks students will receive a "Bulldog Tracker" sheet that will be placed in the center of their GREEN homework folder. This form will be used to help students, parents, and teachers keep track of students behavior, homework completion, and dress code. Trackers will be checked during 1st period at the beginning of each week to verify that a parent has reviewed and signed each student tracker.

Rewards and Consequences: Students with less than 8 demerits will participate in Rewards Day each six weeks. Students will begin receiving demerits after their first warning for each area of non-compliance.

6th Grade Responsibility Tracker - 1st 6 weeks

Attendance Policy

Attendance and Tardy Policy taken from RCS Middle School Handbook

Middle School Attendance and Tardy Policy 08-Aug-2017 15-02-52.pdf

Dress Code

Standard of Dress as explained in the RCS Middle School Handbook

Middle School Dress Code 08-Aug-2017 15-23-20.pdf


Please check your email daily. In addition to daily announcements from school, we will use this tool to communicate with you frequently.

School Website and Calendar

Access to student handbook, Daily Dog Announcements


Adding a Canvas calendar to Google Calendar

You can easily add your Canvas calendar to your Google calendar by following the steps below.

  1. Log in to Canvas.
    1. Go to the Calendar tab and look in the lower right-hand corner for Calendar Feed button.
    2. Click this button to display a dialogue box with a link to your calendars inside it, then copy the link.
  2. Open your Google Calendar.
    1. In the lower left-hand pane, you will see a line labelled Other calendars. Click the expand arrow on the right side of this to display a drop-down menu.
    2. Choose Add by URL.

3. Paste the link from Canvas (below) in the new field, then click Add Calendar.