Who We Are

     Roots and Wings is a secular, parent-run, homeschool co-op.  Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive environment for kids to explore, learn, and grow.  With parents of all walks of life leading the way, we are opening doors to new perspectives, teaching styles, and parenting methods that we would otherwise not have access to.  Roots and Wings strive to be a pillar of love and support for homeschooling families; not only on the day of the week we meet but every day. 

What We Do

     Roots and Wings focuses mainly on enrichment and social activities. Because of this, members are not required to follow any one curriculum or teaching style. Parents can enjoy the lessons without needing to adapt what they do privately at home. Activities are interactive and engaging, leaving students excited to come back week after week!

     If you are looking for an intensive, homework-heavy co-op that focuses on purely common core academics Roots and Wings may not be a good fit for your family.

     If you are in need of a safe group of people to provide hands-on learning independent of any set curriculum, then we have what you're looking for. We don't just teach together; we do life together.


How often do you meet?

Roots and Wings Indy meets every Wednesday from 9:45 am - 2:30 pm. Sessions are five weeks long with a two-week break in-between. During the winter months, there is a mini-session with a longer break for the holidays.

What curriculum do you use?

We do not use a set curriculum. Instead, we vote yearly for themes and the teachers have the freedom to incorporate that theme into lessons appropriate for the age group they are teaching.

I have an infant. Do you provide childcare for children that cannot attend class?

Yes and No.  We do accept families with infants. We LOVE the littles! Every parent is required to volunteer and this includes the baby room. We welcome families with children from infant thru high school.

I work. Can I drop them off and pick them up or have another person drop them off and pick them up?

Unfortunately, we are completely volunteer-led. Our families are what makes Roots and Wings possible. We require each parent to find a position that suits them to support the whole group.

I'm not comfortable teaching right now, do you have non-teaching positions?

Absolutely! There are so many places to help out. We will work with you to make sure you are comfortable finding yours. First-time members are not asked to lead teach unless they are comfortable doing so. After you get to know everyone and their kids, we will check in with you and ask if there is a class you are interested in. 

We also have co-teaching positions so that you can shadow a lead teacher to see what they do and how they lesson plan.

Who can I contact to get more information?

If you reach out via email to membership@rootsandwingsindy.com our membership coordinator will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.