Youth Educational Services (YES)

ROE #3 - Youth Education Services: Schools Division

The ROE #3 - Youth Education Services: Schools Division team is dedicated to serving the at-risk population of the region.

Since 1993, the Youth Education Services Schools Division has strived to offer a choice of quality educational programs to help serve many students with different needs. For truant, dropout, or unsuccessful students in grades 9 through 12, look at our alternative high schools - New Approach located in Vandalia, Aspire located in Effingham and Revive located in Raymond.

For suspended or expelled youth in grades 6 through 8, we offer our safe schools programs, FOCUS in Vandalia, TriStar Academy in Effingham and Phoenix Safe School in Raymond. For students in grades Kindergarten through 8th who are experiencing difficulty attending school on a regular basis, we have the Regular Attendance Program (RAP).

Youth Education Services (YES) is administered by Julie Wollerman, Regional Superintendent of Schools for Bond, Christian, Effingham, Fayette, and Montgomery Counties. The YES division is funded by federal, state and local grants, EBF, and home school district cooperation.

Program Administrators:

Laura Benhoff ~ Alternative Education Programs ~ 618.283.9311~ Vandalia

Amber Kidd ~Alternative Education Programs ~ 217.342.2865 ~ Effingham

Andrew Beckham ~ Alternative Education Programs ~ 217.229.4320 ~ Raymond

21.22 School Calendar

ROE 3 YES Schools have been approved for the Seamless Summer Option food program which enables all students, regardless of income, to have free school meals for the 2021. 2022 school year!

1500 Jefferson St.

Vandalia, IL 62471

Phone: 618.283.9311

Fax: 618.283.9339

1901 South 4th Street ,

Suite 215

Effingham, IL 62401

Phone: 217.342.2865