We are headed in a new direction!

We will purchase and start young Morgan horses to develop and sell. However, we are not going to follow the existing "show barn" model of today's industry. The youngsters will not be hurried through a training program with the intention of being shown right away and sold quickly. Instead, we will select young horses, (mostly yearlings) and bring them along in a different way, using an integrated program based on our many years of experience. We intend to keep our numbers down, to avoid spreading our efforts too thin, so we will only be working with a few horses at a time. Our goal is to provide the ideal environment for the development of the young mind and body, so that our prospects will have a chance for a positive and useful future. The horse's own mental capacity and physical capability will determine his direction, and he'll be prepared professionally by our farm. We truly believe that we can make a positive contribution to the Morgan breed by doing things differently!

Developing reliable horses is going to be our main focus. To help us achieve this, we will rate the reliability of our prospects using our new proprietary score sheet! This sheet will also help a perspective buyer evaluate the youngster more thoroughly and will help us keep track of each horse's progress.

We can still accept riding students for haul-in lessons and full training horses. If you are interested in those options, call us!

Interested in sending your yearling for integrated training? Contact Yvonne for further information.