Elementary and Middle School General Music

Pre-K through grades 2 follow adaptations of the 1st Steps Curriculum by John Feierabend. With this curriculum, students experience a variety of music, in varied ways, through singing, playing, movement, and composition. An introduction to learning basic songs on the keyboard, xylophones, and movement based games are offered to this group as well.

Grades 3-4 are currently working on Recorder Karate, reading music, and understanding rhythms using the Gordon System. Choice based sing a longs are offered.

Grade 4 also worked on African drumming, singing, and xylophones.

Grade 5 did a guitar unit, project based blues unit, and is now working on a project based jazz unit.

Grade 6 did a guitar unit, a choice based guitar unit, and is now working on a bucket drumming unit.

Grades 7 and 8 started off the year with an introduction to Early music, followed by a choice based boom whacker unit, and is now working on an arrangement/ composition unit.

Grades 5-8 also do a variety of listening examples of some choice based and teacher choice music, using the 7 elements of music.