Middle School Musical

Directed and Choreographed by:

Tegan Waite

Musical Director:

Ms. Angela Champine

Stage and Costume Director:

Mrs. Jennifer Hogan

For all after school practices, please pack a snack and drink to energize you through your day.

Practice times for the Musical:

3pm-4pm on Tuesdays- Set Design.

4pm -6pm on Tuesdays and/or Thursday with the Director.

3pm-5pm on Mondays with the Musical Director.

Madagascar Junior Letter from the Director

Madagascar Junior Audition Form

Madagascar Junior Audition Requirements

Upcoming rehearsals: NOTE: At this point it is very important that actors are attending ALL rehearsals and staying for the FULL time stated below. Our shows are in 3 weeks!!

Monday March 26th- Music Rehearsal Full Cast- 3-5pm

Tuesday March 27th- FULL CAST WITH TEGAN- 4 to 6pm Full Run

Wednesday March 28th- FULL CAST WITH TEGAN- 5:30-7:30pm Full Run

Thursday March 29th- FULL CAST WITH TEGAN- 4-6pm RUN THROUGH