Volunteer and support the RLCA!

Hello Round Lakers!!!

As we wind down for the summer the RLCA Board of Directors is already starting to plan for 2020.

We are in need of your help for a job that is largely done in the off season. So for anyone that would like to help out without infringing too much on your summer hours - this is the job for you! The majority of the time involved takes place between now and January in preparation for the printing of the newsletter in late winter/early spring.

Position: ADVERTISING MANAGER for RLCA newsletter

Kevin Pollock did a wonderful job last year but he will become President for 2020 and we need someone to take over. It involves contacting businesses in the area to advertise in our newsletter. This is our largest money maker and provides critical funds for our revenue stream. You would contact local businesses, predominantly by email. 90% of the businesses advertise with us every year so it is just a matter of asking if they want to continue and then collect payment and confirm their ad design.

Not only does this role provide invaluable support to the RLCA but it also gives the volunteer a great opportunity to connect and network with local businesses.

Please consider helping out Round Lake so we can continue to cover the cost of printing the newsletter as well as fund other RLCA activities.

If you are interested in supporting the RLCA please email your contact details to: Admin (click to email)