Taking steps toward our future

The River Vale district is grateful for the community’s support in the April 20, 2021 bond referendum. The vote authorized major improvements for our buildings, including air conditioning, new roofs, classroom upgrades and an addition at Holdrum Middle School that will provide hallway space for lockers and a new Wellness Center.

Most importantly, the referendum process secured state aid that will cover a significant portion of the cost of improvements.

Now, we’re working on the projects that will enhance the daily school experience for students and staff. Check this website for updates on construction, which will take place in phases through 2024.

River Vale Public Schools would not have been able to take these next steps without you. Thank you for recognizing that Strong Schools make a Strong Community.

Learn more about bond referendum Projects and Financials.

Rendering of updated classroom at Roberge Elementary School.
Holdrum Middle School will add a corridor and Wellness Center.
Rendering of classroom upgrades at Holdrum Middle School.

Behind the scenes

The district must extensively plan and prepare before building work can begin. Initial steps were taken during the summer of 2021, including:

  • Taking soil samples to test area where Holdrum addition will be built

  • Measuring project spaces so designs can be drawn to scale

  • Evaluating buildings to identify additional power needs to accommodate new equipment

  • Researching supplies and materials, such as sound systems, lockers, lighting fixtures, floor tile, doors and casework

The design phase is underway for Roberge School upgrades, along with the Holdrum Middle School addition and canopies at the three schools. The competitive bidding process for these projects is expected to begin in January 2022.

The construction schedule is being designed to minimize the disruption to students and staff.

The road to renewal

River Vale Public Schools persevered through a pandemic to inform voters about its bond proposal. The referendum was originally planned for September 2020, but New Jersey postponed special elections three times because of COVID safety concerns. The community ultimately voted for the improvements in an election held April 20, 2021.

The referendum process began with a Physical Needs Study in June 2019, which identified building priorities including roof replacements, air conditioning, classroom upgrades such as floors and ceilings, and an addition at the middle school to help improve traffic flow.

Air conditioning was part of the community conversation about school improvements for more than 20 years. A bond referendum that included A/C was defeated in 2000. But it remained a frequent request from parents and staff members, who cited advantages of health and classroom focus as well as comfort.

The district looks forward to all of the major improvements that will benefit our schools and elevate our entire community.

Timeline for projects

River Vale Public Schools mapped out a preliminary schedule for the district’s largest building projects in two decades. The majority of the work will be done during the summer months. Any construction scheduled during the school year will take student and staff building needs into account.

The projects are planned over a three-year period. Factors such as building access and availability of supplies or equipment might require adjustments in the timeline:

Summer 2022

  • New main-entrance canopies will provide additional shelter and lighting at all three schools. Holdrum’s entrance will be expanded to improve access.

  • Roof replacement at Woodside Elementary; partial roof replacement at Roberge Elementary

  • Roberge classroom improvements and electrical upgrades

May-October 2022

  • New classroom unit ventilators and replacement of rooftop HVAC units at Roberge; replacement of rooftop HVAC units at Woodside. Both buildings will be able to run air conditioning after these projects are completed

March 2022-February 2023

  • Holdrum building addition

May-October 2023

  • Holdrum HVAC upgrades

Summer 2023

  • Holdrum classroom improvements

Summer 2024

  • Woodside classroom improvements

  • Woodside replacement unit ventilators

  • Holdrum roof replacement

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