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Taking steps toward our future  

The River Vale district is grateful for the community’s support in the April 20, 2021 bond referendum. The vote authorized major improvements for our buildings, including air conditioning, new roofs, classroom upgrades and an addition at Holdrum Middle School that will provide more instructional space, move lockers out of classrooms and into hallways, and add a Wellness Center. 


Most importantly, the referendum process secured state aid that will cover a significant portion of the cost of improvements


Now, we’re working on the projects that will enhance the daily school experience for students and staff. Check this website for updates on construction, which will take place in phases through 2024.  


River Vale Public Schools would not have been able to take these next steps without you. Thank you for recognizing that Strong Schools make a Strong Community. 

Projects in 2024




See the progress: Take the virtual tours!

Superintendent of Schools Melissa Signore describes the various phases of the school construction projects  in video updates.

Holdrum Middle School was renovated and reconfigured to make spaces more functional and conducive to instruction. Classrooms look and feel better, with new ceilings, lightings and flooring, and new unit ventilators for upgraded filtration and climate control. Lockers and unused bathrooms were removed from classrooms to make room for storage. 

The new Holdrum Wellness Center is a flexible space where  students learn, receive wellness services, perform and hold club meetings. The center is available for community events outside of school hours. The Holdrum addition also includes new  classrooms and a hallway with room for lockers. 

Renovations at Roberge Elementary School make the school feel like new, with bright classrooms and refreshed hallways.

After an initial phase of renovations, Woodside Elementary School will begin extensive interior upgrades during the spring of  2024. 

Learn more about bond referendum Projects and Financials.

Contracts awarded

The River Vale Board of Education has begun awarding contracts for the school construction projects approved through the referendum. 

All contractors participated in a competitive process to identify the lowest qualified bidders as per state regulations.  

To date, contracts awarded are: 

Holdrum Middle Addition and Renovations 

A new connecting corridor will improve the flow of students through the building and provide space for student lockers. A Wellness Center and a room for small-group instruction will be housed in the new space. The updated building configuration will create enclosed outdoor courtyards to be used for lessons, quiet study, and breaks. 

Contract: $5,870,000  

Awarded to: APS Contracting of Paterson 


Roberge Elementary Renovations 

Classroom unit ventilators for heating, cooling, and filtration will be installed as a step toward the district-wide air conditioning approved in the referendum. The building also will receive new lighting and flooring; renovation of eight bathrooms; and an accessibility upgrade for the nurse’s office bathroom. 

Contract: $5,685,000 

Awarded to: H&S Construction & Mechanical of Elizabeth 


Woodside Elementary Rooftop HVAC Units  

The mechanical equipment at Woodside, as in the other buildings, is at the end of its useful life span, and will be replaced.  

Contract: $1,235,000 

Awarded to: H&S Construction & Mechanical of Elizabeth 


Woodside Elementary Roof Replacement 

The new roof will be installed before the rooftop HVAC units are replaced. 

Contract: $1,763,000 

Awarded to: Northeast Roof Maintenance of Perth Amboy 

The road to renewal 

River Vale Public Schools persevered through a pandemic to inform voters about its bond proposal. The referendum was originally planned for September 2020, but New Jersey postponed special elections three times because of COVID safety concerns. The community ultimately voted for the improvements in an election held April 20, 2021.  


The referendum process began with a Physical Needs Study in June 2019, which identified building priorities including roof replacements, air conditioning, classroom upgrades such as floors and ceilings, and an addition at the middle school to help improve traffic flow. 


Air conditioning was part of the community conversation about school improvements for more than 20 years. A bond referendum that included A/C was defeated in 2000. But it remained a frequent request from parents and staff members, who cited advantages of health and classroom focus as well as comfort.  


The district looks forward to all of the major improvements that will benefit our schools and elevate our entire community.

Timeline for projects 

River Vale Public Schools mapped out a preliminary schedule for the district’s largest building projects in two decades. The majority of the work will be done during the summer months. Any construction scheduled during the school year will take student and staff building needs into account.  

The projects are planned over a three-year period. Factors such as building access and availability of supplies or equipment might require adjustments in the timeline. A construction date has not yet been set for new main-entrance canopies to provide additional shelter and lighting at all three schools, and to improve access at Holdrum’s entrance.

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