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Welcome to the River Vale Public School District Curriculum Website. All curriculum documents can be found on this site, inclusive of essential questions, enduring understandings, lesson descriptions, assessments (both formative and summative), and resources. Each unit is comprised of New Jersey Student Learning Standards, Computer Science and Design Thinking standards, Career Readiness, Life Literacies, and Key Skills as well as interdisciplinary connections. Units also include modifications for ELL learners, students with special needs, students identified as "at-risk," and students identified as gifted and talented. All curriculum adheres to the New Jersey state standards. Please follow the links below to learn more about the state standards and assessments.

New Jersey Student Learning Standards

New Jersey State Assessments

River Vale is committed to the academic achievement of our students. All curriculum documents address the academic and emotional needs of our students to ensure that we are teaching the whole child. Academic success and mental health remain of paramount importance. Please see the slides below to learn more about The Ruler Approach, our newly adopted social-emotional program out of Yale's Center for Emotional Intelligence.


Mental Health/ Social and Emotional Health