RUSD Career Technical Education

2023 CTE Showcase

April 27, 2023

Each year, we in RUSD CTE host an event for industry partners where students can demonstrate their learning through practical application. We believe ALL students need to be Career Ready, Period! by creating a Competitive Advantage of Rigorous Academic Knowledge, Techincal Mastery, and Professional Skills.

At the CTE Showcase, industry partners have the chance to meet the next generation of skilled workers and see firsthand the talent and dedication of CTE students. Community members can learn about the various CTE programs offered and the opportunities they provide for students to develop practical, real-world skills.

Our CTE Ambassadors guide our guests through the world of CTE in RUSD, providing a unique student leadership perspective. The Spring Showcase is the pinnacle event for CTE.

Save The Date!

2023 Virtual Industry Advisory

May 3, 2023

Graduation isn't a finish line.
It's a starting point.

Do you want to start having conversations with your student about careers?

We have made a guide that connects the STEM learning in the classroom with career opportunities.

We Believe... 

ALL students need to be Career Ready, Period!

What is Career Technical Education?

Career Technical Education provides ALL students opportunities to discover their Talents, Interests, Passions, and Strengths and build a Competitive Advantage as they grow towards a rewarding, fulfilling, and impactful life after high school. 

We focus on supporting students' desire to build the lifestyle they choose and equip them with the tools they need to be successful in college, earn certification, open a lucrative small business, or start any exciting career of their choice.

We Provide Opportunities
for Students to Build Their Competitive Advantage

What is a Competitive Advantage?

Rigorous Academics 

We provide opportunities for students that center around rigorous curriculum and instruction. Our highly qualified teachers deliver leading edge material that lead to certificate and degree programs. Most of our programs include courses that are articulated with our local community colleges, giving students the opportunity to receive college credit for free during high school.

Technical Mastery

Each industry sector and career pathway require specific competencies to be prepared for success. This includes industry certifications, work-based learning, CTSO's, and cutting edge tools and technology. Our students work alongside industry partners, opening so many doors of opportunity for internships, mentorship, and future employment to put those skills into practice.

Professional Skills

Formerly called "soft skills", professional skills include, but are not limited to Effort and Engagement, Communication, Teamwork, and Problem Solving. In an ever-changing employment landscape, these skills are absolutely necessary to adapt to almost any professional workplace. Our industry partners demand these skills to be successful. 

Our Work with The 15 Year Continuum


We believe that conversations about careers and lifestyle should begin in kindergarten and continue through high school. In Career Technical Education, we provide career exploration activities and lessons that help students identify their own unique TIPS-

Talents, Interests, Passions, & Strengths


We believe that providing real-world context to academic content helps students find relevance and see the light at the end of their tunnel. We provide opportunities for students to engage with professionals and envision how their own paths can align with

Industries Sectors and Careers


We believe that students thrive and succeed when they are provided experiences outside the walls of the classroom. We work with our industry partners to provide students opportunities to connect the content learned in the classroom to the real-world through

Work-Based Learning