Arlington High School has five distinct Career Technical Education (CTE) programs from three different industry sectors. The programs prepare students for their future careers by demonstrating professional skills in Career Student Organizations, earning industry recognized certifications, and earningcollege credit while still in high school.

Applied Digital Media / MAA

Showcase your unique artistic vision by designing graphic communication products

Engageaudiences by designing vibrant advertising layouts for magazines, brochures, newsletters and more

Create infographics, logos, illustrations and videos deliveringy dynamic visual impact

Game Design & Development

Unleash the power of art and technology to bring your vision to life and produce original experiences

Develop and build games for all platforms in collaboration with professionals 

Work in teams to brainstorm, storyboard, and create unique 3D animations, computer graphics, and video games

Health Careers & Patient Care

Practice a wide range of health care processes, techniques, and diagnostic procedures to save lives

Experience interactive labs and clinical rotations in a variety of healthcare settings

Develop professional work ethic, medical skills, and quality patient care

Biomedical Sciences

Design, conduct, and analyze a wide range of scientific experiments to solve medical mysteries

Perform DNA fingerprinting, genetic transformations, PCR, and protein analysis

Engage with medical professionals during surgical procedures and autopsies

Networking & Cybersecurity

Mr. Tandy

Email: Christopher Tandy

Protect and defend computers and networks from terrorist threats through powerful software security programs

Develop video games, interactive websites, and software applications to power the modern world

Design, implement, and maintain complex computer network systems to keep users connected and productive