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All of our home grown meats are 100% grass fed and organic So why is that so great?

  1. It’s closer to nature Sheep and cows are designed to eat grass. Their stomachs are geared up to extract maximum nutrition from the green stuff, which gets passed on to us. Healthy animals make healthy meat.

  2. It’s kinder Feedlot animals tend to be stuck inside in densely packed sheds where they are fed a diet of grain and agricultural byproducts which gets them up to adult weight in super quick time. No leisurely ambling about the fields enjoying the countryside and a much shorter life.

  3. It’s better for the planet Growing wheat and other crops to feed animals is one of the world’s biggest pressures on limited land and resources, contributing to mass deforestation globally. Being organic, we rotate our animals through various naturally growing pastures across the seasons means we’re able to preserve natural biodiversity, improve soil fertility and eliminate the waste-management issues associated with confined cattle sheds. This vastly reduces the use of veterinary medicines such as antibiotics and wormers.

  4. Animals grow more slowly and naturally Because it takes longer for beef and lamb animals to mature on their natural diet of grass, their muscles and tissues are well developed and healthy with low fat content (imagine how much poor quality fat you would gain if you were fattened up quickly on high calorie rubbish)…

  5. Vitamins There are four times more Vitamins A and E in grass fed than grain-fed meat, which is important in creating glycoproteins that keep your body building critical muscle mass.

  6. Energy Grass-fed meat is a fantastic source of Creatine which means more energy for our muscles.

  7. Good green nutrients Grass-fed meat is jam-packed with carotenoids such as beta-carotene which are sourced from the pigments in the greens that the animals eat. These carotenoids make the fat in grass-fed meat more yellow than in grain-fed animals, so fat colour is a great indicator of how rich in nutrients your meat is.

  8. Omegas Grass-fed meat has the advantage of providing more healthy fats such as Omega-3 (2-5 times more) and CLA (Conjugated Linoleum Acid) than those found in grain-fed animals. CLA is in fact 3-400% higher in grass-fed, and this is associated with lower heart disease and cancer risks, as well as reducing body fat and helping maintain lean body mass.

  9. Good fats Grass-fed meat is lower in both overall fat and saturated fat.

  10. Taste…

Here you can purchase organic meats straight from our lush green Cheshire pastures. Our beef and lamb are 100% fed on the grasses grown here on the farm all year round.

***Please call us on 01606 46258 if you would like to check if we have a particular cut of beef or lamb in stock which isn’t listed on the website***

We also supply a wide range of organic produce including veg, fruit and salad boxes. Please note that all your shopping and vegetables will be packed into one box, to save on unnecessary packaging.

Please check your delivery day before ordering so you know when to expect your groceries.

Our set delivery days are Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays. This is to be able to provide our customers with the freshest produce and be able to give you a specific delivery day, allowing you to plan your weekly food better. Please see below for your delivery day:

Wednesday Postcodes - L4,L11, L3,L1, L7, L8, L9, L14, L16, L17, L24, L32, L33, L34,WA2, WA1, WA3, WA6, WA7, WA10, CH2, CH5, CH7, CH25, CH26, CH30, CH32, CH64, CH65, CH66, CH63, CH62, CH42, CH43, CH41, CH44

Thursday Areas - CW10, CW4, CW6, WA4, WA6, WA13, WA16, WA14, WA15, SK9, SK8, SK7, SK10, SK11, CH3, CH4, CH1

Friday Areas - CW7, CW8, CW9, CW1, CW11, CW56, CW2, CW3, WA4, ST7, CW57, CW58, CW55

Order cut off is Midnight the day before your delivery day. We offer free delivery for orders over £50.

Collections available on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays

Please find all of the box contents and information on the online shop. If you would like something a little different you can pop into the shop or email us at and we will do our best to help!

Organic Fruit & Vegetables


Beetroot (UK)

Broccoli (UK)

Carrots, Washed (UK)

Courgettes (Spain)

Kale (UK)

Leeks (UK)

Mushrooms (UK)

Onions, Red (Spain)

Onions, White (UK)

Potatoes (UK)

Parsnips (UK)

Cucumber (Spain)

Lettuce, Batavia (Spain)

Pepper, Green (UK)

Pepper, Yellow (Spain)

Tomatoes, Vine (Spain)


Apples Pink Cripps (UK)

Bananas (Costa Rica/Mexico)

Clementines (Spain)

Lemons (Spain)

Pears (UK)