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Welcome, Testing the Waters teachers!

Check the links below for program updates on the Testing the Waters Deeper Dives and upcoming deadlines.

Upcoming Deadlines

Please submit your DATA and a STIPEND Application (if qualified) as soon as possible. Applications are due by Oct. 15th.

If you haven't already done so, please squeeze in your fall testing as soon as possible. As you know, the longer you put it off the colder the water will be when you finally get in. Remember to follow the safety guidelines outlined in the Mitchell & Stapp Field Manual.

See all deadlines and additional opportunities to receive stipends on the summary linked here!

Deeper Dive Extensions

Deeper Dive Map Layer

Riveredge partnered with Reflo, a nonprofit based in Milwaukee, to create a "Deeper Dive," a digital mapping extension that is designed to enhance the Testing the Waters place-based environmental science program. The map was recently published and shared with a pilot group of teachers at the Fall Training. The current version of the map along with additional resources can be found below and accessed via GOOGLE EARTH for desktop (more interactive) or via WEBMAPs.

Fall Data viewable via Web-Map

Spring Data viewable via Web-Map

All data (and, current!) viewable via Google Earth

To access the Deeper Dive map layer you'll need to download Google Earth for desktop. Click here to learn more. Next, you'll need to download the Deeper Dive Map layer. It should automatically open in Google Earth.

Note: In the future, the Deeper Dive layer will be housed within the Milwaukee Community Map so that you can utilize all data associated with that map. Visit Reflo's website (linked here) to learn more.