Theater Production

Anna Alden, Spring & Fall Production, Rivendell Academy

Students explore the world of theater by participating in a full-length theater production. Cast and crew work together learning the different aspects of what goes on behind the stage and on stage. Through group activities, theater games, rehearsing, dancing, singing, performing, and reflection, students gain insight into the world of performance, themselves, and the elements that help create a quality performance. They will experience the thrill of putting on a great show. Students also observe other performances and talk about the qualities that made it good. Actors write a biography of their character and write a personal essay based on the reflection of their experience.

Student Reflections

I came to realize that I could take the skills that I learned in the classroom with me in the years to come.


I learned that theater isn’t easy. It takes time, practice, and understanding. Theater can help you learn about yourself and others, showing a different side of a person that you didn’t know about before. It isn’t just about acting. It’s about becoming another character/person—understanding their thoughts, how they behave, what makes them do what they do, and what makes them who they are, so you can tell the story.


I learned that theater takes a lot of teamwork and support. This is a life lesson, too, because if you screw up, you can fix it with the support of your friends and family.


I learned that sometimes things are not always going to go perfectly or as you expect them too and that you have to learn to think on your feet and be able to adjust to difficult or different circumstances.


During the process of building the set for the play I learned that it’s not a one-person job. You have to work together as a team. I will use these skills for jobs and whatever else I decide to do with my life after high school. —Noah