Graphing Art Project

Desmos Art Project

Singwai Yip, Algebra 2, Rivendell Academy

In this project my Algebra 2 students used the Desmos online graphing calculator ( to create their own artwork using various algebraic functions such as linear, quadratic, cubic, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and sinusoidal functions. Students learned to limit domain and range of the functions to obtain desired lines and curves and positioned them through transformations of functions.

Teacher Reflection

My students were ready to design something from the get-go. They had plenty of questions throughout their designing process but never hesitated to pursue the artwork that they had in mind. I made it clear that I only accept high quality work that portrays their ability to use different functions and restrict domain and range.

Student Reflections

The more I make, the easier it gets.


It was hard but I finally understand how domain and range work on a circle.


I am proud to be able to finish the project on time even though I restarted my design like three times.


My proudest moment is when I got all the lines and curves meet each other and not overlap.