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Welcome to the Achieving Skills for Life home page!!! This page has been set up to allow staff members to have access to various materials related to the Community Intervention and Community Vocational programs. This site is a work in progress so please be patient as information will be added on an ongoing basis. Older links will be moved to the bottom of the page. This page will be archived at the end of each school year.

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Updated 5/24/19

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5/24 /19


Shared by Hollie Nelson

Hey, it's Hollie! I thought you'd find this site useful. It's run by a non-profit called Next Gen Personal Finance ("NGPF"), and it's free. Their team creates activities, projects, games, case studies, and free PD to help educators teach students about money, careers, and personal finance. What's nice is they host everything in Google Drive so you can customize every resource on the site. I hope it's helpful for you! -Hollie


Hi there! Your helpful friend has invited you to, the GOLDMINE for teaching personal finance and other real-world courses:

  • 16,000+ teachers use and love NGPF, it's 100% FREE, and it's been known to save teachers hundreds of hours of lesson planning!
  • Two of our most popular resources are Questions of the Day and Interactives like our paying-for-college game, PAYBACK.
  • If you like what you see, and you want answer keys, here's the link to sign up.

Thank you!

~ Team NGPF

5/15/19 Tammey's Page have been updated! Check it out to see all of the cool things she is doing in Venango county.

Updated 5/24

5/06/19 Check out what has been happening in the Clarion Area by checking out the pictures below featuring Melissa Ace.


Our organization has been getting positive press coverage check out the stories below.


A parent shared the video below featuring students with Autism working with CNC machines. 4/01/19

Titams CNC academy link

Full Screen Link Click Here

Dear Friends,

On Friday, March 22nd, Variety got to present 6 adaptive bikes, 4 adaptive strollers, and 2 communication devices to local kids with the outstanding Riverview Intermediate Unit 6 team, and it was one amazing

One of these kids was Mason, age 14, who received his new BLUE adaptive bike.

His mom, Felicia told us,

"As an active family, especially in the summer, we do a lot of camping. Many of the campgrounds have paved roads for biking. Mason would benefit so well with the bike so that he would be able to join everyone and feel as he was part of the crowd as well."

Mason also received an adaptive stroller, and his mom continued to tell us,

"Aside from camping, we also enjoy going to festivals, walks and theme parks. The stroller would benefit us so well without the bulk of a wheelchair and the struggle of pushing it through large crowds. We try to involve Mason in everything we do as an active family, but sometimes we had to rearrange our plans because of equipment issues."

Additionally, we presented 2 adaptive bikes, 1 adaptive stroller, and 5 communication devices to kids from Beaver County on Wednesday with the amazing team at the Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit.

It was especially exciting to present a communication device to Khloe, age 6, whose mom, Brittany reminded us how much communication is taken for granted, and much this equipment means,

“My daughter is completely nonverbal, and she will not use sign language or PECS to communicate. As her mom, I feel the need for a communication device is critical to her learning and understanding of language. If she is hurting, lost or needs help, how is a stranger supposed to know what she needs or wants? Due to her Autism diagnosis there are many obstacles she faces and her being non-verbal is a huge burden for her. A communication device will lift that burden.”

Thanks for taking a few minutes to share in the joy and impact that our programs are providing.

Have a great weekend,


P.S. Check out these articles done by The Derrick (click here to read) AND The Beaver Times (click here to read)!

3/08/19 Community Based Vocational

See below to check out what the students at Rocky Grove have been doing for CBV and other classroom activities.

3/08 Need classroom supplies? Don't spend your own money without checking with us first! The RUI6 Warehouse page has been updated!



More information about the charity that presented at the beginning of the year in-service.

Our programs provides kids with mobility and a voice.

"My Bike"

Providing individually customized adaptive bikes to kids with disabilities to experience fun, freedom, and belonging ($1,800 to sponsor one).

Learn More

"My Stroller"

Providing “on-the-go” mobility through an adaptive stroller to make sure kids with disabilities for daily mobility and/or safety in the community ($1,500 to sponsor one).

Learn More

"My Voice"

Providing a communication device (i.e. a restricted iPad with a prescribed app) to kids with a communication disorder to give them a voice at all times ($1,200 to sponsor one).

Learn More

Click Here to Apply

2/22/19 Community Based Skills Practice

See below to check out what the Clarion students have been doing for CBSP.

2/22/1 J.P. and Kathy borrowed our Vocational sewing box see below.

Click HERE to see the other available Vocational boxes

Career Portfolio Help 2/21/19

Updated 11/16 to now include complete lessons based upon the Career Education and Work Standards

Are you working on students Google Drive Portfolios?

Click Here for help



The warehouse web page is up and running! Click HERE to check it out!. The site contains pictures and videos of items we have in our inventory.


Most of the shelving has been assembled and labeled and our basement items are being inventoried. Although things are still under construction we are now operational!

To request items send an email to If we have what you are looking for we will have it delivered to you! Smaller items we can be sent directly to you. For furniture items you must submit a move slip to your supervisor. We will hold your item it until approval is obtained. Click HERE for a move slip.

Chad is labeling the racks used to organize our inventory.

Labels have been placed to identify locations.

Supplies are being organized and put into our inventory.

Chad is getting a delivery ready for a teacher. Put in your request today!


Tammey Witowski-Dunlap shared a video that is a powerful reminder of how our interactions with students impact their lives. To learn more about the Clemson Life program, as well as other post secondary opportunities, check out our revamped Post Secondary Resource Page CLICK HERE. If you have any resources that can be added to the Post Secondary Resource Page please send to

Full Screen found HERE


J.P.'s class borrowed our breakfast box and cooked breakfast that they shared with the staff at Keystone High School.

The Achieving Skills for Life program has many vocational boxes that can be borrowed. Click HERE to reserve one for your classroom.


Reminder: Although we are now an OVR provider of Paid Work Based Learning Experiences, we cannot take a student out for a paid experience unless they are registered with OVR. This process can take as long as two months. It is important to have all of your students registered ASAP. Students become eligible upon the completion of their 10th grade year. A current 10th grader would be eligible in the summer before their 11th grade year. Please see below for directions on how to get your students registered.

How to open a case with OVR information can be found HERE. The page includes all information and forms for OVR and the OVR Early Reach Programs.


Thanks to OVR, our job shadow opportunities have finally started! Today we had our first student participate in a Job Shadow at the Clarion Pizza Hut. Check out the photos below.

Job Shadows give student's the opportunity to explore careers they are interested in.

The experience allows students to interview individuals to learn the job first hand.

It also allows the student to get some hands on experience.

Job Shadows can be rewarding as well!

Click on the video to the left to learn Ryan's story. He is a student that participated in programming offered through The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. Ryan was matched with a job that he could turn into a successful career.

Please be reminded that we have begun to partner with OVR to provide Pre-Employment Transition Services to students in our area. We currently provide Job Shadowing, Work Based Learning Experiences, and other services that can be delivered within classrooms. We look forward to posting other success stores similar to Ryan's in the near future.

12/14/18 Check out this cool site Holly Nelson just shared!

Click HERE to check out the web site.


12/13/18- Kelsi has made the video of the virtual tour. Click Here to check it out!

11/02/18- This month's focus; HIRAM G ANDREWS CENTER. The virtual tour is now available! Click Here Hiram G. Andrews for more information.


RIU6 also offers drivers training. Find more information by clicking HERE

Be sure to check out our new Drivers Skills Help Page.

Pennsylvania Drivers Ed Online Click HERE


Orders are taken on-line February 4, 2019 through March 29, 2019. At the end of January this page will be updated with information:

Seedlings for Schools is a partnership program of the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Howard Nursery and the Wildlife for Everyone Foundation. Since the Seedlings for Schools initiative began in 2008, 1.3 million seedlings were dispersed statewide to all counties of the Commonwealth. Seedlings are grown and shipped from the Game Commission’s Howard Nursery located in Centre County, Pennsylvania. The Seedlings for Schools program allows students to experience their role as caretaker of their environment while having fun in the outdoor classroom. The program is available to all Pennsylvania schools with children enrolled from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

--- How to Participate ---

Seedlings for Your Class: The Pennsylvania Game Commission provides enough seedlings for each student to take a seedling home to plant. This year’s seedling choices are white spruce, eastern hemlock or silky dogwood. If more than one classroom in a school is interested that is great! Please combine all orders from each school building to save on our shipping costs.

Pollinator Garden for Your School: New this year, the Pollinator Garden package contains a mix of 25 shrub and tree seedlings that are highly desired by our native bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects. We suggest you pre-designate minimally a 20 ft. by 20 ft. pollinator garden space on your school grounds to accommodate 25 seedlings planted at 5’x5’ spacing. Supplies are limited, only one Pollinator Garden package is available to each school building that wishes to participate.

Orders are taken on-line February 4, 2019 through March 29, 2019. At the end of January this page will be updated with information:

Depending on weather conditions and numbers of orders, trees will be delivered in April. A printed copy of the Teacher’s Guide containing activities with educational standard correlations and student sheets will be sent with the seedlings and is also available online.

12/06/18The students at the Clarion Area High School had their 1st annual Thanksgiving Feast. The students prepared and served the food and did a fantastic job!



A quick reminder: Students receiving programming in IU classrooms should be given opportunities to attend district field trips along with general education peers. Please see the link below for information and a permission form. Please turn in the form ASAP, especially if a nurse is needed to attend.

The RIU Warehouse is coming along nicely

Shelving is being assembled

The Achieving Skills for Life Store has expanded into the upstairs break room.

Coming Soon- Pre-vocational Boxes

Work has started on the Social Workers Clothing Closet

Fire Safety




12/03/18 Updated with a new Restaurant Skills Box

Check out the Vocational Box page. Everything shown can be borrowed to use in your classroom. See it HERE

Curriculum to use for your Vocational class can be found Vocational Curriculum


The Achieving Skills for Life Para-Professional information page has been updated. The page now includes forms and procedures related to CBSP, (Community Based Skills Practice) and CBV (Community Based Vocational).

Check it out! Click HERE


There may be a large discrepancy in what most of us believed was needed for post-secondary success and the current reality. When you compare what most of us were told to what is currently needed you may be surprised. The current educational needs as well as various successful career paths have changed. Please watch the video to the left that outlines the realities of today's current need so that you may have a better understanding of what our students need to succeed. Please feel free to play the video for your class to spark discussion.

10/16/18- Mr. Coradi and DonorsChoose

Mr. Coradi has a student who is really interested in auto mechanics. He decided that he was going to teach his student the skills that would help him during his CBV placement at the local service center during his vocational class. In order to obtain the funding he created a project on the DonorsChoose web page found HERE. He says the project was easy to do and the funding was given directly to the vendor and his materials were then shipped directly to him. If you have an idea that requires funding create your own Donors choose account and get started. To see what Bills project page looked like click HERE

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Google Calendar is now here! We have decided to try and bring our scheduling up to date by implementing Google Calendar for all scheduling. To learn how to use it click Google Calendar Tutorial. Please note that we are NOT ever going back to paper calendars so please ask questions if you are having trouble.

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Looking for ideas? Doing something cool in your classroom that you would like to share with others? Check out our vocational Brainstorming page UPDATED 10/18/18

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Like this page? Why not build a page of your own? Click Here to learn how Google Sites can help your classroom and to get started.

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NEED Money? Head to the classroom grants page and see if there is a resource you can use click Here

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Nurse procedures can be found Nurse Procedures

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Post Secondary Training - A page created for students to research some post-secondary opportunities. Here

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Need a tax exempt form click Tax Exempt Forms


Furthermore, the manuals and instruction videos can be found by using the

following links:

With the following link you can download some additional education manuals (ww: