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Silica ramming mass is acidic in nature. It is a dry lining refractory universally used for lining coreless induction furnaces. It finds application in iron and steel industries for melting scrap at extreme temperatures. The lining of an induction furnace directly affects performance and Rishi Minerals is the quintessential refractory product for the healthy operation of an induction furnace. The stability of the lining affects the quality of output and smooth working of a furnace. A good quality refractory lining also ensures improved metallurgical control.

Rishi Minerals has developed a unique grade of ramming mass that is pure, stable with the best in class refractoriness. It is highly resistant to decomposition by heat, pressure or chemical attacl and retains strength and form at high temperatures. This product is suitable for coreless induction furnaces of 5MT to 40MT capacities.

Rishi Minerals manufactures starting from the worlds best quartzite raw material with a carefully controlled sizing distribution and precise chemical binder homogeneity in the mix.

The significant features of our product include:

  • Strict controls on sizing distribution as per customers requirements which includes proprietary products developed by the Research and Development team.

  • Chemically inert with 98.9% assured purity.

  • Low thermal conductivity, hence negligible thermal losses

  • Great resistance to change in temperature and thermal shocks.

  • High erosion resistance

  • Affordable cost in Furnace lining due Short heating and sintering time

  • Optimum Chemical composition, Bulk Density and apparent porosity.