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The RHS Guidance Department works with students to meet their personal, social, and academic goals through individual, group, and classroom counseling. We strive to help students adapt to the high school learning environment and design a personalized academic course load that helps meet their needs and interests. Ultimately, we hope to guide them toward their desired post-secondary plans, and develop the life skills they will need to become contributing citizens beyond Ridgewood High School. Some of our specialized programs include:

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College Transitions for Students with Differences Webinar 2/28/24 at 7pm

College Speaker Series-October 2023

College Application Essay Process- Randy Levin 

College Speaker Series 2023

Scoir Transition Information

College Speaker Series-Spring 2022

Maroon Minute

The Ridgewood High School Maroon Minute is a series of short snippets and interviews to give you a snapshot look into our community.  We're proud of our staff and students and want you to get to know them on another level.  Go Maroons! 

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