Program of Studies

Ridgewood High School

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Education is a fundamental right of all children, and a moral obligation of every society. An effective education requires a tremendous amount of collaboration and effort among the student, family, school, and community. In respect to the school’s role, there are four “A’s” that comprise the educational experience: academics, arts, athletics, and activities. The key to this success is to balance the four “A’s” with the values and goals of the family and community. Together, an effective learning environment is developed to produce an educated young adult who will be a life-long learner, able to contribute positively to society.

In order to maximize each child’s unique potential, Ridgewood High School is committed to a tradition of excellence by providing a challenging and rich learning environment. Thus, the courses chosen from this Course Catalog should reflect each student’s aspirations, achievements, and aptitudes. The courses offered at Ridgewood High School provide students with many opportunities to meet their educational needs as well as their own interests. Students are encouraged to select courses that will be academically stimulating and personally enriching.

Students, please consult with your counselor, parents/guardians, and teachers to choose the best plan that leads to graduation and future opportunities. A successful high school experience creates the foundation for a positive and productive life.

Remember, prepare for your future - today!


Thomas A. Gorman, Ed.D.