Ridgefield Public Schools


**All new routes for the beginning of each school year become available in Powerschool's Parent portal prior to the start of school**

Ridgefield Public Schools operate in compliance with Connecticut general statutes and provide transportation for most public school students within the district to attend school. Transportation routes are established with safety and efficiency as primary considerations, and all routes are designed to minimize travel time and distance for the greatest number of students.

The safety and welfare of student riders shall be the first consideration in all matters pertaining to transportation. Emergency evacuation drills shall be conducted at least twice annually to thoroughly acquaint student riders with the procedures to be followed in emergency situations. (ref. policy 3541)

Information regarding bus stops and individual pick-up and drop off times can be found on the Parent Portal.

Those who are interested in submitting a request for their child to cross the street during pick-up and drop off are required to complete the permission form, and submit it to the Transportation Department, Ridgefield Public Schools Central Office, 90 East Ridge Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877.