ERMS Counseling Center


RPS Middle School Counselors believe:

  • All students are entitled to a safe and inclusive environment at school.

  • All students are capable of achieving personally defined success.

  • We are advocates for the needs of our students.

  • Collaboration and communication with key stakeholders is essential for the well-being of our students.

  • Social emotional learning is instrumental for student development.

  • Continued growth in our profession is integral to our practice.

  • Data helps to inform our professional practice.


RPS Middle School Alumni:

  • Believe they are inherently worthy of finding joy and fulfillment in life.

  • Discover and embrace their individuality.

  • Can utilize strategies and skills to be resilient.

  • Are kind, compassionate, and empathetic toward others.

  • Communicate effectively with others.

  • Will be a positive contributor to their community.

  • Will set and accomplish personal goals for the future.


The mission of the RPS Middle School Counseling Department is to help every student feel confident, capable, and worthy. This will be accomplished through collaboration, advocacy, and the delivery of a proactive, comprehensive, needs-based school counseling program that addresses the social-emotional, academic, and career development of every child.