About Your Teacher

Masters +30:Administration, Curriculum and Instruction

Masters: Technology in Education

Bachelors: Secondary Education Social Studies Concentration

I have been in education for 20 years plus. Geography is super exciting to me. It really encompasses everything about life. Where we are, where we are going, who we are, etc. Outside of work I am a maker. I craft and create to take my mind off everyday responsibilities and to learn. I play with paper. I sew. I cook. I paint. I use a hammer and nails. This tinkering has led to a small, tiny side business in my life called M.A.S.W. Designs. I am happily married and a proud step mother. Our family loves to hit the road for a grand adventure.

Teacher| Maker | Step Mom | National Geographic Certified Educator | DEN Star | SMART Exemplary Educator | Google Education Trainer

2017 National Council for Geographic Education K-12 Distinguished Teacher Recipient

2017 AP Human Geography Reader

2017 American Geographical Society Teacher Fellow