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2019-2020 Health 7 Syllabus

2019-2020 PE 7 Syllabus

**Due to the extenuating circumstances facing RHAM Middle School please refer to Google Classroom for all announcements and activities during this two week period, March 17 - March 30.**

Health 7 Course Content

*All student work can be found on Google Classroom

Introduction to Substance AbuseAssignments: What is an Addiction? - Intro to Substance Abuse Quiz - Drug Classification Group Presentations
Tobacco Assignments: E-Cigarette Article Questions - Tobacco Quiz - Electronic Cigarette Poster Project
Alcohol Assignments: Alcohol & Addiction - "The Dangers of Alcohol" Article - Alcohol Quiz
MarijuanaAssignments: "Why Pot's not Cool" - THC vs CBD - Marijuana Quiz

Due to the situation you are to use this time to stay up to speed on the material we have covered up to this point. This is all of the units that are included on your Google Classroom from Introduction to Health through Marijuana.
Also, review packets will be provided. Packets on our Substance Abuse unit, which covers all of our topics during the unit, and a comprehensive review packet that covers all the essential information we have gone over up until this point. These review packets can be found under the topic "Review Materials" in your Google Classroom.
Use all the material we have utilized in class in order to stay up to speed during this time away.

PE 7 Course Content

Fitness Testing
Floor Hockey