Green Team

Welcome to the Green Team!

This page will be utilized to keep students and families up to date with team announcements. If you scroll down you will also see our weekly homework page. It is updated day to day as changes in planning may occur, therefore make sure to refresh the page each day as you check your student's daily homework.

Green Team homework is expected on the due date. Make-up work is up to each teacher's discretion so make sure to check in with individual teachers after each absence for your missing work, expectations, and due dates for approved absences.

If you have a question for a teacher, you may email that teacher directly, or to send a message to all Green team teachers at once, you can send an email to:

Team Leader/English- Ms. Dwyer

Math- Ms. Shen

Science- Mr. Stein

Social Studies- Mrs. Allard

Support Services- Mrs. Duncan

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Tuesday, October 25th, Grade 8 PSAT (Please make sure your chromebook is fully charged)

  • Thursday, October 27th: Fall Music Concert 7pm

Homework Calendar

Need Extra Help? Math Support- Tuesdays, Room 101 w/ Ms. Kane; Writing Lab- Wednesdays, Room 110 w/ Ms. Day

*You are expected to stay until 3:30pm*

PM Study: Meets Tues/Wed/Thurs afternoons in Rm 206. Please see Ms. GOVE for a PM Study Contract if interested.