Immortal Announcements

2017-03-02 // Stuff and Things

Hey all. Just wanted to reach out to everyone to let you know that I'm here as an additional

resource to Usion and crew. Specifically:

1. I'm happy to help with any clan upgrades that may be needed;

2. If there are any help files that need updating;

3. I can take gold (10,000) for double xp or qp before the next copy over occurs.

Just send me a tell if you need anything including bugs or other changes (may need a note).



2017-03-02 // Upcoming Code Changes and the Future of RD

Hey guys,

It's time for another update.

This time I wanted to give you all what's coming on the next copy over and what is going to come further down the road.

On the next copy over:

Marksmanship should work properly. I know it was supposed to be the previous copy over, I'm sorry. It will happen the next copyover.

Runist Spellbook Tattoos will be fixed.

The ability to buy double xp / double qp at the questmaster AND auto double xp upon remort or reclass will be hard coded into the game.

--- This is a small copyover.

I want to talk about what's next for Redemption.

First thing I am looking at is Humans. They were originally designed to have no hours requirement and be a cheap amount of creation points per level. However, hours requirements have been removed, and with the ability to buy double xp coming in code, they seriously need a rework. Their remorts as well are some of the weakest in the game. Expect an update to humans and human remorts.

Second thing I am looking at is Thief. Perhaps one of the most underated class in the game, thieves are going to be looked into and probably changed to be more viable during combat. Don't expect a huge boost here, or tons of changes - because they already do a lot of damage - but expect something to change.

I am still not happy with edge. Edge seems to be giving too much hit and damage overall compared to sharpen. I want players to have to choose between edge and sharpen, so I am most likely going to lower the overall damage on edge.

Marksmanship seems like the damage is a little too high. I like the effects of pindown and bleeder, and I think that these effects are right where they should be, but no lag for caps through sanc for the cost of one ammo just doesn't seem right. I'll be further investigating this.

Monks Chi abilities seem a little bit strange. Chi Kaze shouldn't give 10 attack speed, and will be lowered. Chi Ei - I'm not really sure exactly how this was coded - but it deserves a solid look and might change in the future.

Hibernation is bugged if you are poisoned or plagued and this bug WILL be addressed.

I'd also like to code something NEW: probably a race of some sort. It's been a while since RD has seen anything new come into play, especially a race. Right now I've got a few thoughts in my head about celestial beings who make pacts with either angels or demons based on remort - but that's just it - ideas. This may not happen right away - and definitely would require some testing on the test port before it's implemented.

If there's anything else you feel deserves looking into, feel free to write your notes on Ideas. I will take your thoughts into consideration.


2017-03-02 // Two Things

Hey guys,

Before I begin let me just say: Please read this note thoroughly.

I have a two different things I'd like to talk about.

Subject 1) Rules.

Part of one's duty as an IMM is to maintain the fairness of the mud. You should all know the rules in HELP RULES. If not, re-read it.

I don't want to see you logging two of your characters at the same time, EVER. This includes if one of your characters is Linkdead. You will be punished for this. If you can't spell up without your alt, get someone else to spell you, or wait. I would rather spell you up than have you and your alt on at the same time.

Harassment is not and will not be tolerated. Repeated offenders will find themselves on the ban or deny list.

Do not player scout. If you log and see that there are people on in your range that you Actively want to kill, you MUST wait the 3 minute timer. This does not include open duel arrangements or tournaments. If you are caught doing this, you will be punished.

Explotation of bugs will not be tolerated. If you find a bug, please make sure that it is reported, and do not use it.

Further rules can be read in Help Rules. I shouldn't have to list them all here, but you get the idea. A lot of you have been breaking these rules. I can't run a fair mud if I do not uphold the rules, so this is your warning to get yourself together and stop your bad habbits.

Subject 2) Ruthless

As many of you know, this game is a player-killing game. You have the option at player creation to choose if you would like to be full looted.

This option is called "Ruthless". Let me be clear here: RUTHLESS DOES NOT OFFER ANY OTHER BONUS . I had to double check the code before I wrote that sentence, but it is true. The only thing you get out of being ruthless is the ability to loot and be looted by other players.

However, this was not always the case. Previously, ruthless *did* offer a small damage boost to those of you who chose to be ruthless. And for a short while, you didn't even have the option to choose if you wanted to be ruthless or not when you created.

Luckily there is a solution: I can change your character to be ruthless or non-ruthless if you made a wrong decision at character creation or if you never had that decision to begin with.

I will *not* reimburse a character who is looted.


2017-02-27 // Clan Upgrade Pricing

From now on, until 9/1/2017 all clan upgrade prices for items and portals have been cut in half.

After 9/1/2017 the prices will go back to their former amount so get those upgrades while you can!

Also, remember that you can have up to 5 goons in your clan hall, and weapons help those goons a lot. Currently, both clans have 4. To learn the stats of these goons, please remember that if you are a member of leadership, you can send a note to immortal on your CLAN board and we will get back to you with those stats. This can only be done once every 6 months

or after a major change in leadership. If you would like to add a 5th goon, prices are NORMAL until otherwise specified.


2017-02-21 // Double XP/ QP

I've fixed perma-double XP/QP, so it persists through reboot again!

Also, this probably means we'll use it less often.


2017-02-19 // Copy Over Changes

Copy over has occurred. The following changes are now in place.

1) You can no longer enchant a weapon past level 51 without an immortal. We were having issues with items having an extreme amount of extra hit and damage, so this should solve it.

2) Absorb now functions properly based on your max hp instead of your base hp.

3) Druids and Invokers now properly have access to remove curse.

4) Barbarians and Hermits now properly have access to shield bash.

5) Rub and throw are no longer reclass skills and are instead remort skills.

This will solve the problems related to alignment for certain classes.

6) Clerics once again have mace in their cleric default.

7) Flameguard can now only be used by obsidion dragons (As intended).


a) Now works properly with intelligent weapons.

b) Edge and Sharpen can no longer be applied on the same weapon.

c) Every race can now use weapons that are flagged with edge.

8) Hedit: (immortal tool to edit help files) Now works properly. (Thanks, Tsongas!)

9) Chain lightning now has a 2 round lag.

10) Marksmanship should now do damage properly instead of always failing

unless the skill is at 100%. You might notice a small dps loss due to

the improper prior code, but it should function properly now.

11) Intelligent Weapons:

a) can no longer recieve the flags "two handed, holy, unholy, polar".

b) now have slightly less chance to get poison, infected, vampiric, and soul drain.

12) Clans are renamed to their proper whodesc. This may cause a slight issue with

certain characters needing to be re-guilded into their respective clans.

If you log and this happens to you, please catch me online or at the very minimum

if I am not online, keep a log of your issue. Ask someone who is online to hold it

for you if you cannot be fixed before reboot.

If you notice any further issues, please let me know on board bugs.


2017-02-17 // The leveling tool is now in play.

The leveling tool is now available. I've tried to balance this item to the best of my ability to make it only useful for leveling and not fighting, so this is a test run to see how it goes. If I need to, I can manually remove it from all of your pfiles if for some reason it gets abused.

Current stats are:

Nodrop, nouncurse, sell. (I don't want you to give it to someone and force them to wear it in pfights, so making it nodrop ensures this.)

+500 AC, +60 Saves, -5 max strength. You'll get hit often, and loose damage if you use this item in any other method than just to level. Be careful about when you are wearing it and when you are not.

10int 10wis 10con. The main reason this item is so hard to balance is because of these stats. Having max stats from level 1 can be very very good, so we want to be sure that you are only wearing the item when you are about to level. When you are done with the item, you can sell it back to the jeweler.


2017-02-03 // Drop box link for Craft EQ / Pelt List updated

Hey all,

Somehow I couldn't find or access the original dropbox account where I had started working on the updated craft / quest / pelt eq list.

It is my intention to make this public, so I have signed up with my main email address, and every time I add a new craft item (or tweak ones in existence) this file should update.

Here is the link:

Feel free to download and use at you leisure.

It will NOT auto update. I will post updates on announce in the future when it has been updated.


2017-02-02 // Item Updates, part 2

In continuation of several item updates that need to be done, the following things have been adjusted:

1) Almost every quest item currently in the game has had a price reduction of 500 QP.

This should make getting your tier 2 pieces slightly easier.

2) Low level katanas have had their 2-handed flag removed. Higher level katanas may or may not be changed in

the future. (Still looking into this)

3) NEW: Craft item

This item is supposed to be comparable to Selina's Boots, as it gives the user a choice of sacrificing

some hit, damage, and movement for higher attack speed.

Here are the stats:

Object 'a wreath of leaves from Anhendal' is of type armor. [Clanner Only]

Description: A lush green wreath of leaves that was plucked from the forest of Anhendal lays here.

Keywords 'wreath leaves anhendal Usion'

Weight 1 lbs, Value 500 silver, level is 51, Material is leaves.

Extra flags: glow hum bless no_locate burn_proof soundproof

Item is worn on the feet.

Item has been magically crafted.

Armor class is 8 pierce, 8 bash, 8 slash, and 8 vs. magic.

Object modifies hp by 20.

Object modifies attack speed by 3.

Object modifies dexterity by 3.

To craft this item, you will need:

10 bed of leaves ((Stoneridge II))

5 palm leaves ((Orincono))

2 pile of leaves ((Death Bloom))

That's all for now, more to come another date.


2017-01-30 // Item updates, part 1

To continue my effort on updating, toning and expanding items, the following items have been changed:

1) Brainstone now only requires 25 brains to craft.

2) Dominian Kingsword no longer holds charges of "Thorn Mantle".

-It now holds charges of "Brilliance" instead.

3) Frostburn and Heatstroke rings have had their spell effects removed (fireblast and ice bolt)

-There will probably be another update to these items later as they are some of the harder to get pelt items.


Object 'a tribal tattoo of an eagle' is of type armor.

Description: A magnificent design of tribal art forms in the shape of an eagle and awaits its owner.

Keywords 'tribal tattoo eagle'

Weight 0 lbs, Value 0 silver, level is 50, Material is energy.

Extra flags: bless no_locate burn_proof soundproof

Item is worn on the head.

Item has been magically crafted.

Armor class is 12 pierce, 12 bash, 12 slash, and 12 vs. magic.

Object modifies hit roll by 3.

Object modifies hp by 20.

Gather 20 eagle feathers, 1 golden eagle orb, and 1 phoenix chain,

Expect more updates and more craft items in the future.


2017-01-22 // Coding Priorities

Hey all,

I wanted to give you guys an idea where I am with what I am planning on doing on the coding end of things so you would know where my head is.

#1) First thing I want to look at is a major bug in the game It is hedit. For those of you who are not immortal, you have probably never typed this command. Hedit is a tool that allows immortals to update and change help files (some of which are seriously outdated and some that need to be put in) Right now, using this command crashes the game and it is not possible to bring the game back online without SC or Avacar.

#2) Runist spell tattoos and Mystic spell stealing. Both of these abilities suffer from the same problem. When coding the new class changes, we didn't want people to be able to cast spells outside their current class otherwise you could have a paladin that could cast wizard spells. Unfortunately, this caused issues with the two abilities listed above and now new coding has to be put in place for these abilities or something that can replace them.

#3) Druid rub and remove curse For some reason as a druid you no longer have access to remove curse. In addition, reclass hierophants are unable to use rub unless they are neutral aligned.

#4) Balance changes. There are some things I would like to do with balancing races so that the default isn't always going to be dragons. Current thoughts on this include raising maximum stat attributes to certain races based on your class, and comparing damage outputs of spells vs mana costs. Nothing is set in stone for this and suggestions on things to look into are welcome but realize that this is lower priority and probably one of the harder things to do.

#5) Artificers. Based on the coding I've seen, it looks almost impossible to remove artificers from the game, so looking into and changing their abilities and skills is eventually going to be mandatory. Right now I have disabled them from character creation but that is it. Old artificers should still exist along with any broken skills that are currently coded. Looking into this is lowest priority as if I wanted to I could just freeze any artificers I see log until they have been looked at thoroughly.

Any thoughts or suggestions on other things that need to be coded please get to me over note or channels.


Side note: Please also give me ideas for your clan spell.

2017-01-04 // Fighting Days

Hey guys, with a lot of us having different schedules, it might be time to start trying to schedule fighting days or different events I have been trying to keep doubles on during the weekends but lately I haven't seen anyone online. When is the best time for people who still play and want to do things?


2016-08-24 // Redemption Short Update Patch Notes

The following is a short update of some small code changes:

1) You can once again choose between Ruthless and Non-Ruthless at character creation. Non-Clanners are still disabled, and unless there is a serious outcry, will most likely not be coming back.

2) Artificers have been temporarily disabled from character creation.

This shouldn't affect any artificers that currently exist, but if it does, please note me immediately and we'll see what we can do. They have been disabled from creation while the class itself is being looked at and hopefully fixing their bugs / problems. I strongly recommend not playing artificers while in this process as you may encounter abilities that don't work or are extremely buggy.

3) You should once again receive a message when trying to craft if you are missing items, have typed the wrong keywords, or something just isn't right with the craft you are trying to do.

4) You should be able to craft legendary gear again using the new quest items located in the Dominia and Terra quest shop, respectively.

Expect an update to Trials Of Bosco gear / items that you may have collected while Trials was in the game. Trials of Bosco is currently un-accessible, but the items still exist to prevent crashing of the game. These items will be looked at and the area itself will most likely be set to 'unfinished' so they will no longer be useful to anyone currently in possession of these items.

That's all for now. More updates soon!


2016-05-05 // Quest Items

The good news:

Quest items are now back in their respective shops.

The bad news:

For now you will not be able to craft with them until I update the craft list file (expect a few days to a week for this to complete)

If there are any issues, or you notice anything out of the ordinary please let me know ASAP.


2015-01-19 // Warp

You can now warp regardless of level.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to try and make the game better.

-Usion / Starcrossed