Redemption MUD

Redemption is an online text game (Multi-User Dungeon) that first opened in 1995. The recurring theme of the game is a battle among clans. Initially the clans were founded by the fallen children of the central deity, Bosco.

His children's squabbles grew into serious warfare for many years. As time passed, one by one Bosco's children faded away, leaving mortals to continue the struggle on their own. Exploring their world, the distant continent of Dominia was rediscovered, with its own deity Selina. In ages past, Bosco and Selina had waged a terrible war. Bosco's chosen were the Dragons, while Selina's forces consisted of her chosen Slivers.

Although trade between the continents started out slow, with a long journey by boat, the clans of Terra slowly established a foothold and eventually a bridge that spanned the sea all the way to the beaches of Dominia. Unfortunately, before long, old disagreements raged, and the clans once against planned an invasion of Dominia.

The second great war is ending, and a new age will begin soon. What place will you make for yourself?

Redemption MUD closed down in 2013 after 18 years. Recently the game restarted and we will see what the future holds for the peoples of Terra and Dominia.

You can play at: 4000

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