Our Heart

Omegabytes FRC Team 5727 was started by Rutherford Early College High School (REaCH) and has grown to incorporate students from across Rutherford County Schools in North Carolina, we're dedicated to inspiring our community while building innovative robots on the side!


We use our knowledge, passion, and innovation in the field of robotics to help our community. We aim to inspire people to take their futures into their own hands and dream big. We want to show them how many possibilities there are for them to pursue.

Our 2023 FRC Season


Grab-A-Byte operates with an omnidirectional swerve drive, a chain-functioning arm, and an intake that can pick up both types of game pieces. The arm works on a two-axis system that allows it to pick up pieces from the ground and substation, and place them on either the low, medium, or high levels. 

It can begin the game with different autonomous settings that allow it to pick up pieces, drive out of the community zone, or engage with the charging station depending on our strategy. Its low center of gravity allows it to run onto the charging station and across the game field at high speeds without falling over.

2023 Game: Energize

This year's FIRST Robotics Competition game is sponsored by Haas!