Blood Donation Camps

Blood Donation Camps

(RC Delhi Garden City supported since 2000)

BLOOD Donation-Give A Few Minutes


Would you give a few minutes…

….. To save a few lives?

As you read this, a patient may be critically ill. Whether he lives or dies may depend on whether a unit of blood of the right type is available or not. Children with leukemia, adults who need heart surgery, burn victims, road traffic accident victims and hemophiliacs – all these people literally owe their life to the generosity of someone special – A BLOOD DONOR!

How long the blood donation takes and what is the procedure?

On an average, the donation takes only about 5-8 minutes and the entire process lasts less than 25-30 minutes, from registration to resting time. The minutes you spend giving blood may mean life to a patient in need. It will be well spent!

 Benefit to Donors:

     Plastic Donor Card and Detailed Blood Testing Report will be sent to every donor in the span of 10-15 days in their organization with their respective names individually or on their email id .

     Donor Card will be valid for one year and their family or immediate relatives can use that card from our blood Bank.

     Detailed Blood Testing will be done which includes the Blood testing report of Jaundice, Malaria, Typhoid, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, and also the hemoglobin rate. 

     Donor Policy also includes certain benefits for the organization, i.e. 5% units of the total blood collection will be given free to the hosted organization.

     A coffee Mug, Juice & Biscuits after donation of blood to the donor.

Corporate are requested for kindly call Mr. Rajeev Taneja at (+91) 9999056400 and organize a Voluntary Blood Donation Camp at their esteemed organization

Benefit to Corporate:

1.    Appreciation letter - appreciating their efforts in motivating the Voluntary Blood Donation Movement.

2.    Detailed Blood Donor List.

3.    In case of emergency for blood request, we require a letter from the organizer on their own letter head duly signed by their authorized person, which will be honored irrespective of the person, either he/she has donated or not. In general, we appreciate this kind of request @ 5% of total collection.

Blood Donation Camp at Indian Oil, September 2023

Blood Donation Camp at Sandhu Border, January 2021

Blood Donation Key Facts



·         Drink plenty of water before and after donating blood

·         Have good breakfast/lunch before donation .

·         Tell Blood Bank doctor if you are on any medication/antibiotics

·         If you are not feeling well/fever/down with viral infections please inform the Doctor on the camp site.

·         Take rest for 5-10 mins after donation & resume your normal activities

·         Females during menstrual cycle, pregnancy and lactation can’t donate blood.

·         Persons with history of diabetics on regular insulin cannot donate blood.

·         Wear clothes with loose sleeves.


·         Do not smoke 1 hour before & 1 hour after donating blood

·         Don’t take alcohol a day/night before [ 24 hrs gap ]

·         No exercise is allowed in next 24 hrs after donating blood.

Facts & Myths

·         You can donate blood if you are 18 yrs to 65 years, your Hb (Hemoglobin) >12.5 gms and body weight minimum 45 kgs.

·         A normal person has 5-6 liters of blood in the body. You donate only 350-450ml of blood in once every three months.

·         You can donate blood every after three months

·         After donating platelets (aphaeresis) you can donate blood after 72 hours, depends on height & weight of the donor.

·         Provided that you're healthy prior giving blood, your health will not deteriorate after donating blood. One should take a few hours of rest after donation

·         Anyone up to the age of 65 years and is fit and healthy can donate blood

Blood Donation Camp at Sri Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, October 2016

Blood Donation Camp at CRPF Camp, March 2014

Blood Donation Camp at GLA University, October 2012

Blood Donation Camp at FedEx Airport Office, December 2017

In last 10 years we held 63 camps collecting 5092 units.


·         2022-23: 4 camps collected 159 units

o   Indian Oil Head office

o   Interact Club of KHMS

o   IILM University, Greater Noida

o   Modern Service Station, Connaught Place

·         2021-22: 1 camp & collected 28 units

o   HPCL

·         2020-21: 3 camps collected 138 units

o   Nehru Place – on road

o   Tikri Border

o   Sandhu Border

·         2019-20: 6 camps collected 236 units

o   Spring Board, Nehru Place

o   Oberoi Hotel

o   Durga Puja Pandal, Dwarka

o   KR Manglam University

o   Syndicate Bank

o   KHMS School

·         2018-19: 8 camps collected 332 units

o   Syndicate Bank

o   KHMS School

o   Fourtek IT Solutions

o   ASF Insiginia, Gurugram

o   Interra Systems Ltd., Noida

o   FedEx Offices – Airport & City Office

o   ITPO Construction Site

·         2017-18: 5 camps collected 242 units

o   Syndicate Bank

o   KHMS School

o   FedEx Offices – Airport & City Office

o   Anand Niketan Club

·         2016-17: 7 camps collected 967 units which includes 3 camps at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, collecting ard 600 units

o   Lanco infrastructure

o   KHMS

o   Gurudwara Bangla Sahib (3 camps)

o   Safran, Noida

o   Holy Child School

·         2015-16: 9 camps collected 794 units which includes 2 camps at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, collecting ard 250 units

·         2014-15: 9 camps collected 987 units

·         2013-14: 6 camps collected 520 units

·         2012-13: 5 camps collected 696 units

Corporate are requested for kindly call Mr. Rajeev Taneja at (+91) 9999056400 and organize a Voluntary Blood Donation Camp at their esteemed organization



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