Sriniwaspuri Slum School

Basti Vikas Slum School

J.J. Cluster, Srinivaspuri


(RC Delhi Garden City supported since 1999)

The Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City has been associated with the Basti Vikas Kendra (also referred as Balwadi) in Sriniwaspuri, Delhi since 1999. The school comprises of a small courtyard flanked by 2 class rooms, a small kitchen and two bathrooms.

The Slum School caters to about 65 children of casual laborers living in the adjacent slums and who belong to the economically weaker and backward sections of society. With both their parents having to go out to earn a day's living, these children, 3 to 6 years in age, receive a full day's care at this facility, including primary education, mid-day meals, uniforms, toys, medical check-ups, festival celebrations etc.

Every year we aim to enroll all eligible children to the formal education system, usually a primary school run by the MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi). Typically, 50+ children are admitted to regular schools in the vicinity every year.

Health Checkup Camp at the Slum School, August 2022

Parent waiting to have their children examined by the doctors at the Health Checkup Camp at the Slum School, August 2022

Slum School children celebrating Rakhi, August 2022

Renovated Toilet Block after storm damage in May 2022

Our club has regular health check camps at the Slum School, making them a staple of the adjacent slum with parents eagerly bringing their children to be examined by the doctors.

In the last several years, our club has donated equipment like slides/see-saws under a District Simplified Grant to this slum school. The school walls have been reinforced with additional fencing & gates repaired to prevent children from the neighboring slums scaling the boundary walls & entering the school premises during & after school hours.

An extensive renovation and infrastructure improvement was undertaken in 2013. Renovations included painting the school, installation of tiles, tables/chairs, electrical and masonry repairs, and fixing the windows.

From time-to-time we have donated supplies to the children at the Slum School such as tiffin boxes, water bottles, etc. In 2012, we arranged for the donation of surplus equipment (blankets, linen, etc) from the US Embassy's Property Management Office.

The Slum School project of RC Delhi Garden City was awarded the Significant Achievement Award by Rotary International in 2008-09.

Health Checkup Camp at the Slum School, April 2016

Project Visit to Slum School, August 2016

Diwali celebrations at the Slum School, October 2014

Blankets donated by US Embassy, February 2012

Mid-day meal at Slum School in 2017, after extensive renovations of the school by RC Delhi Garden City

Mid-day meal at Slum School, 2011