Our School

Team Rangikura work hard toward high expectations that ensure our students are achieving to their potential. As a school we believe in taking continuous small steps towards a vision of a school community of high quality.

We also employ specialist part time teachers and train support staff in both the junior and senior schools, to work alongside teachers of students needing extra assistance and those needing extension.

We encourage and support our team to undertake or pursue professional development opportunities. This is so that our students can benefit from the improvement that teacher professional development brings to classroom programmes.

We are heavily involved in extra curricular sporting and cultural activities, as we know these contribute strongly to the potential of all our students.

We believe in the 'visibility' of all our team at such activities and events in and out of school. This expectation of us goes towards building and strengthening relationships between staff, students and parents. We also believe this sets the example we expect from parents, caregivers and whanau who want to join our community.

Please see our School Framework on OUR STARS, VISION AND MISSION page.

Our History:

Rangikura School – ‘The school in the sky/stars!’

Rangikura School was established in 1975 to serve the new suburb of Porirua, Ascot Park. In 1992 we became a full primary school (Year 1-Year 8).

As of May 2017, our roll currently sits at 415 students.This breaks down to 43% Pasifika, 40% Maori, 9% European, 5% Asian and 3% Others.

Rangikura is highly regarded in ours and now the wider community. A lot of work has been put into this through our community engagement initiative, 'Tamaiti Mua.'

TM is our school vision of a partnership built on trust and respect between home and school. In this partnership our students’ education and well being will always come first. This an agreement you sign up to if you want to join our Rangikura whanau as staff, parents/caregivers or students.

‘Home + School = Rangikura!’

Our community’s response to TM has been overwhelming, resulting in an increase in enrolments and involvement in school activities. Community feedback consistently tells us that the open and welcoming atmosphere of the school, the standard of teaching practice, our concern for doing the very best for our students including the way we support students with learning difficulties, facilities and resources and the way any concerns or issues are followed up are key reasons this school is the 'right fit' for them.

Turning whanau involvement into engagement!

Our main focus as a school team in working with our community is to turn this involvement whanau engagement.

Rangikura School strives to provide our students with the best academic, sporting and Arts experiences that will develop well rounded students. Students will experience success in areas of strength, which will help build and support them in areas that need developing. We cater for all styles of learning.

We are very proud of our school, our students and our achievements in providing the best possible learning opportunities and outcomes.

Rangikura provides a smoke-free environment for everyone. We have achieved the 'Sunsmart Award' from the Cancer Society and a fourth consecutive 'Gold Heartbeat Award' from the Heart Foundation.