Conservation Genomics

WELCOME! Our research focuses on understanding the mechanisms that generate and maintain species diversity in a changing world. We will specialize in the application of genomic and genetic tools to address basic and applied evolutionary and ecological questions. The methods we use are integrative, combining field-based behavioral studies, population genetics/genomics, and GIS-based ecological modeling in order to provide the most relevant information to today's conservation challenges. While our main focus is on the Bird Genoscape Project, an effort to harness the power of genomics to facilitate migratory bird conservation, we welcome students and post-docs interested in a wide variety of research organisms.

To find out more about our research please visit the Bird Genoscape Project website or the Ruegg lab Research page.

If you are interested in joining our team please see the Positions page of this website.

2022 News

  • Dr. Jacob Job joins the lab as Associate Director of the Bird Genoscape Project.

  • Dr. Ruegg received an NSF ORCC award to study ecological and evolutionary responses to climate change in an alpine songbird.

  • Taylor Bobowski successfully defended his Master's thesis.

  • Marina Rodriguez passed her qualifying exams and is now a PhD candidate.

  • Undergraduate student Alex Polich defended her Honors thesis.

  • Erica Robertson joined the lab as a PhD student.

  • Persephone Jordano and Liz Carlsen joined our lab as MURALS students and will present their research at MURALS in spring 2023.

Congrats to Ruegg lab superstars for their awards below!

  • PhD Candidate Matt DeSaix received scholarships from UW Summer Institute of Statistical Genetics and CSU College of Natural Science.

  • Masters student Caitlin Miller received a grant from the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology at CSU and was given honorable mention for her NSF GRFP submission.

Art Credit: Scott Partridge