1-2-1 Coaching

Individual sessions, personalised to you. We will discuss your goals and analyse your barriers so you can see what has really been stopping you. You will also be able to decide what you want to leave behind so you don't have to carry this baggage anymore. You will be able to create goals so you can truly live like an independent woman. This change in mindset and behaviour will help you with your career as you progress and start achieving your personal and career goals. A confident queen with a purposeful life.  A true Rainha.

The 1-2-1 sessions are offered as a package of 6 sessions. 


Workshops tailored to your needs, can also be created in order to address the hurdles your company may be trying to address. If you are trying to offer well-being or  career progression workshops for your employees, we can discuss your needs. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion related workshops can also be offered to demonstrate that you are investing in the career development and well-being of your employees from a diverse ethnic background. We can also deliver workshops and do public speaking events. 

The topics we cover are confidence, career progression, boundaries, work relationships, communication and motivation, amongst others.