Rainha Noir Coaching is the company that will guide you on this new journey towards a more confident you.

I have been there and I have lacked the confidence to make decisions for myself especially after graduating from university. I have followed others to my own detriment and found myself in situations that did not make me happy. I realised that I needed to work on myself despite the fear. I had to build my confidence so I could have the strength to go towards my goals. Have the resilience to overcome my challenges and be who I always wanted to be. Coaching helped me discover Rainha Ana.

I believe coaching is so powerful that it can help you build a path that is aligned with your values (or discover them), drive and live a purposeful life. I use my intuition and my 'no sugar coating' approach to help you identify your true barriers and hold you accountable. It starts with you, so let's explore what is waiting for you.

Like I always tell my clients, you have the answer to your own questions. You have the solution to your own problems. I am only there to support you through this process which is not easy but I can assure you it is worth it.

I have experience in coaching, personal and career development and working with young adults. I can deliver workshops or coach individuals on any topic although my expertise is confidence, career,  friendships and relationships, personality and boundaries.

Rainha Ana 

Olá, I’m Ana and I’m a coach in my 30s. I am and have always been interested in helping other people develop and progress in life. I have worked in Higher Education for years and have seen the difficulties undergraduates and graduates face once they are about to graduate and leave university. It brings me great joy to know that I was there and helped someone find their path. It wasn’t always like that, I had to go through my own journey as well. If I can help someone get to where I got without going through half of what I went through then I will be a happy Rainha forever.

I suffered from low confidence and low self-esteem. I was the perfect girl, the pride of the family, good student but I couldn’t be myself. I was unhappy, frustrated, confused about my career after leaving university and felt pressured to be what society and my culture wanted me to be. I was LOST and ANXIOUS going through a quarter-life crisis. One day, God changed everything and forced me to walk my path, on my own. The path I walked transformed me into a Rainha (queen), now it is up to me to build my throne and continue this journey. Is it easy? No, it can be lonely, challenging, sad and you may reach rock bottom. BUT GIRL (and boy)! Once you are down, the only way is up.

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Coaching is a partnership developed between a coach and a client that focuses on the progression and development of the client. It focuses on the present and future rather than the past.

In coaching the client is in control and chooses the topics of the sessions, as a coach, I am here to listen to you and ask you the right questions. Questions that will prompt you to reflect, assess and decide which way you want to go.  At times, I may share some information with you, if I feel you are stuck but usually I let you find the answer you always had but was hidden inside you. Coaching will allow you to explore your subconscious and understand what your barriers are, the natural source of your frustrations.

Once you have identified your frustrations, barriers or blockers we can start working on your goals. The transformation that will allow you to work on your dreams and become the confident person YOU want to become. The focus of the partnership is on YOU, I am here to guide and support you.