Staff Wellbeing

Staff Wellbeing

Staff wellbeing is about the general ethos and approach of the school and is a key part of the leadership role. We have been developing this over the last few years including establishing a Staff Well-Being Group. The role of the group is as follows

  • Meet half-termly to discuss any well-being ideas, suggestions and concerns

  • Put forward ideas to support staff well-being

  • Discuss how to spend the staff well-being budget

  • Oversee an annual staff survey and discuss the outcomes

  • Advise the Headteacher on the action plan

  • Contribute to the development of a staff well-being policy and review annually

  • Organise staff social events and opportunities

PPA Time

PPA for teaching staff goes beyond the statutory requirements and whilst pupils rotate around Music, Art, Computing and PE, the teams can spend time together or go their separate ways. Typically teams come out of class at 11am after teaching core subjects and are free for the rest of the day. More recently we have been taking some PPA from home.


We continue to be aware of workload as the education world around us changes. We try and use technology that is efficient and time-saving and our use of G Suite across the whole school provides many efficiencies to communications and collaboration. Our planning is shared and has moved online, to be more dynamic and streamlined. With specialist teachers in four subjects, there are reduced teaching and planning expectations.

We continue to develop alternative ways to provide feedback to pupils and we would effectively in teams so that the workload can be shared and supported.

Other Things that contribute to Staff Well-Being

  • Annual Well-Being survey & Action Plan

  • All staff have a line manager to share any concerns or worries.

  • TAs have additional time built into their hours to liaise with teaching staff.

  • Staff Meetings for teachers are timely and kept to one a week, taking into account other events such as parent meetings etc.

  • Communications are regular so there are not too many surprises or lack of information.

  • Two staff rooms provide a space away from pupils and refreshments are provided free of charge.

  • A PPA room is available for working away from the pupils.

  • All teachers will have a Chromebook to use at school and to use flexibly at home if needed.

  • Report Writing Day in the Summer Term

  • Two days in lieu for those who attend the weekend residential visit in Year 6

  • All staff have access to the Wellbeing service which offers a variety of support services including counselling.

  • Annual Flu vaccination available via the council.

  • Children of members of staff can attend the Raglan Wrap Club breakfast session with no charge and also have up to 30 minutes free after school while you finish your work. A reduced charge applies after this point.

  • Staff who have worked at Raglan for 2 years or more receive priority with admissions, if they wish their children to attend the school.

  • Staff are issued with a Raglan fleece for those chilly days.

  • Social events are encouraged and arranged throughout the year.

  • A free duty lunch is available for those who eat with the pupils in the Dining Hall and support the staff to maintain good behaviour.

  • INSET Day lunch twice a year

  • And of course those occasional naughty treats in the staffroom! And maybe a breakfast roll here and there.