Leadership Coaching & Curriculum Support 

We support K-12 leaders with research-based practices
that enhance instruction and learning in all content areas. 

Expand your influence
on teaching & learning

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What We Do

Are you a school leader? A principal, assistant principal, or dean? Are you a teacher-coach, assistant superintendent, curriculum director, superintendent? Or a board member? We all know you wear many hats.

The last hat you get to wear—but the one you want to wear most often—is that of instructional leader. There's simply never enough time to do what brought you into the profession in the first place.

We can help.

A mini-chalkboard with the word "Action" written on it

How We Do It

Instructional leaders need a variety of skills and tools. These are rarely taught in educational leadership programs or—if they are—they get lost in the mix with all of the other responsibilities you face (budgeting, human resources, climate management, facilities management, community outreach, etc.).

We believe in the power of coaching. After all, even superstar athletes have coaches. Coaches, themselves, commonly have coaches. "I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential," said business leader Bob Nardelli.

We coach instructional leaders, to help them build routines, along with skills and tools, that expand your influence on teaching and learning in schools. This coaching can involve a variety of areas:

Blue textbooks


Teachers sitting at desks, working together


Teachers listening to a facilitator


Bubble sheet and pencil for a standardized test


Cover of the book Challenging Standards by Supovitz and Spillane


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We can put together a plan to meet your needs and that fits within your schedule, including helping to submit Title I or II-A grants that support our work together. We focus on building systems and routines that will guide your instructional leadership. Our experience with curriculum programs includes the ones shown below (and we can support others).


English Language Arts


Many others!