Please click the image below to provide study consent and some information about your health.

Important Information about participating in Medical Research

  • You are not required to participate in this research study, and your decision to participate will not impact the medical care that you receive.

  • If you decide you wish to participate but change your mind, you may withdraw from the study at any time.

  • Before you begin participation, you will sign a Consent Form. You may sign that online. Once signed, you will receive a copy of the document that you signed.

  • The information that you provide will be subject to HIPAA regulations, and it will not be shared with any outside third party unless approved by you. The data will be managed with the same rigor that is used for managing your electronic health record.

  • This study is being conducted with the oversight of an Institutional Review Board (IRB). If there is anything about this process that you do not understand or makes you feel uncomfortable, you may contact the IRB to share your concerns and learn about your rights as a participant. That information will be included in your consent document.