What is this study about?

We are a group of physicians and scientists who want to understand the effects that STUDY TOPIC has on long-term health. Patients who have been tested for STUDY TOPIC are followed for a year with samples collected periodically at home and sent back to our lab.

Who Can Participate?

This would be a description of the inclusion and exclusion criteria in non-clinical terms. For example:This study is open to everyone between the ages of 18 and 75 who have had the a diagnosis of hypertension (high blood pressure) and is not currently taking any medications to control it.

What do I get for participating?

We have designed this study to be of minimal impact on the participants. If you participate, you will not receive compensation, but your health will be evaluated by physicians and if there appear to be major issues, you will receive information that could help you address any issues we identify. Further, you will receive periodic updates about the overall understanding that comes out of this important research.

How to I enroll in this study?

This study should be easy to complete. If you decide that you would like to consider participating, click on the “Participate” menu item above and you will be asked questions about your health and background. Before you are enrolled, you will be given information about what will be required of you during the course of the study and you will be based to sign an electronic consent. You will receive a copy of your signed document by email.

Does it cost me anything to participate?

There is no cost to you for participating.

What if I decide that I do not want to participate after I have started?

We are hopeful that you will complete the study if you begin, but there is no requirement to do so. If you decide to stop participating, you can let us know via email on the contact page that you do not wish to continue. Stopping participating, or deciding initially to not participate will have no impact on any other medical treatment that you are currently receiving.

Will the outcome of this study become part of my medical record?

The DEMO study will not put any information into your medical record. If we discover a serious medical condition that you might not be aware of that could have a significant impact on your health, we may contact you which might require that you get involved with your doctor. The study will not disclose your personal information to anyone outside of the study.

Is my data safe?

The data for the research study is stored in secure servers and are subject to the same HIPAA requirements and security considerations as your electronic medical record.

I have more questions about this study. Who do I ask?

There is an email address in the contact tab on this website that you can use to submit your questions. We will route them to the best person to address them and get back to you.