PYLUSD Induction Program Summary
2020-2021 PYLUSD Induction Handbook

AAC Meetings

Individualized Advice, Assistance, & Collaboration

We cannot emphasize enough that this is YOUR program. We want you to complete your clear credential in the most meaningful way possible, and to do that, you'll need individualized help. Most of that is accomplished through hourlong one-on-one meetings each week with your Mentor. But in addition to that targeted and specialized support, we also have Advice, Assistance, and Collaboration Meetings throughout the year.

These meetings are designed to provide Candidates with professional development, answer questions and clarify program points, and allow for collaboration with field experts, other Mentors and Candidates, and program leadership.

Clear Credential Requirements

-Attend all required Induction meetings

-Meet with your Mentor for one hour per week

-Complete all ILPs and induction activities (see the Portfolio Verification Form for the complete list of Induction activities)

-Show competency and growth in the CSTPs (as shown on the ILPs)

-Meet requirements for Portfolio Checks and Reviews

Induction Showcase 

The PYLUSD Induction Showcase is a special event for Induction stakeholders at the end of May. At this culminating celebration, PYLUSD Induction Candidates share their growth in the CSTPs via their portfolio of work from the year with school and district administrators. This event is mandatory for Induction Mentors and Candidates.