We Value You

Welcome, Site and District Administrators!

We value your participation and partnership in this induction adventure. In addition to providing your new teachers with instructional leadership, you are also a key component of choosing our Mentors--those instrumental teacher leaders who coach new teachers through their first two years in this ever-changing field.

Triad Meeting Form

2019-20 Triad Meeting Form

Why Do We Have Triad Meetings?

Designed to foster positive relationships between site administrators, Mentors, and Candidates, the Triad Meeting occurs at several points throughout a school year as teachers write their Individualized Learning Plan goals. At the meeting, you will hear your Candidates' goals and help them revise these goals and plan for their inquiry. An Induction Mentor facilitates the meeting by leading Candidates through the questions on the Triad Meeting form, a document that all Candidates at a school site have discussed prior to the meeting. Administrators e-sign the form at the conclusion of the meeting. This is our evidence to the state and program leaders that the meeting has occurred.

Triad Meetings also:

  • Encourage more frequent dialogue between new teachers and administrators

  • Help Candidates and Mentors understand the roles and responsibilities of a site administrator who is working with new teachers

  • Provide structured time for Candidates to share about student success and ask for specific support

  • Assist site administrators in learning about Induction activities

How Site Administrators Can Help New Teachers

Site Administrators working with the PYLUSD Induction Program agree to:

Time Management

  • Limit extracurricular duties for both the Candidate(s) [new teachers] and Mentor(s), scheduling common prep time (whenever possible) at their request

  • Provide release-time to both Candidate(s) and Mentor(s) for observations and/or professional development

  • Avoid scheduling meetings/school events during mandatory induction district-wide meetings (e.g., Colloquium, Advice, Assistance and Collaboration Meetings, Mentor Training and Collaboration Meetings, required professional development, etc.)

Instructional Leadership

  • Conduct initial Site Orientation for new Candidate(s) to inform them about site resources, personnel, health and safety, legal obligations and special education policies and procedures

  • Help the Candidate(s) at your site to complete school and district forms, as needed

  • Monitor and observe Candidate(s) frequently to ensure their success

  • Participate in Triad Meetings with your Candidate(s) and Mentor(s) to discuss the Candidate’s progress in overall instruction and their induction requirements


  • Allocate resources to support Candidates' professional growth (e.g., collaboration, grade level/content area teaming, technology, materials, etc.)

Participation in Induction

  • Support Candidates’ Individualized Learning Plans by providing assistance if/when requested

  • Participate in all evaluation surveys throughout the year

  • Meet with the Induction Coordinator to learn about the program and analyze evaluation data

  • Help recruit, select, and match quality Mentors to work with Candidates at your site

  • Respect and understand the confidentiality embedded in the PYLUSD Induction program (the process of Induction, including the evidence that each Candidate collects and conversations with the Mentor, are formative, not evaluative, in nature)

Helpful Links for Administrators

When teachers apply for the Induction Mentor position, we need an administrator recommendation. Please click the image above to make a copy of this document for any teacher on your campus who is applying for a Mentor position and send it to Cameron Castaneda via Google Drive or inter-district mail.

These recommendations are confidential and should not be shared with the applicant.