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“What counts is not the image, it’s what you do with it” – Jean René

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Lynn Magnin

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Dear Parents & Students,

Welcome to the Esperanza High School Visual Arts Website for the 2023-2024 school year.

I invite all students, family, and community members to take a bit of time to enjoy exploring our inspiring visual arts program and studio. Here you will find many creative resources, and learn about Esperanza's award-winning art program. The EHS Visual Arts website will periodically be updated as new lessons, contests, videos, awards, and exciting opportunities in the arts unfold during the school year!

On these website pages, you will learn that the Esperanza Visual Art program is designed to sequentially develop the artistic abilities and aesthetic sense of all art students. By offering a sequential, standards-based course selection, students can pursue their interest in art by discovering artistic skills, learning new processes and techniques using a variety of media, appreciating historical and cultural references in art, and eventually develop their student voice.

The emphasis in Esperanza’s upper level art classes is on critical analysis, innovative art-making processes, creative problem solving, and ultimately building a strong portfolio based on student voice. The Elements of Art and the Principles of Design form the cornerstones of all lesson discussions and art analysis. 

Thank you for visiting the Esperanza Visual Arts Department, and I look forward to guiding my students this year in the exciting world of the visual arts!


Mrs. Lynn Magnin, M.Ed.

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