Mrs. Sadowsky's 4th Grade Class

Updated 5/12/2019

Curriculum News

Language Arts

We are starting the novel Holes this week. The students will be working on making predictions and supporting those predictions with details from the text. They will also be making inferences about the characters based on evidence in the text. There will be a mid-novel test and another test at the end of the novel.

In writing, the students have been building their research skills as they worked on their Road Trip 2019 packets. They have researched possible road trip destinations in California. They will now use that research to create an essay on a road trip they would like to take. They will also map out their route and create a travel brochure to go with their destinations. The essay and map will be done in class, and the travel brochure is homework due on Friday, May 24. Ideally we will have them all printed and ready to share at Open House.


We are taking the math portion of the CAASPP test the week of May 13. We will then do another review of Module 7 on May 20 and test the unit on Tuesday, May 21. Look for a review assignment to come home the night before the test.

We will then go back to Module 4, our geometry unit. We touched on this unit prior to the CAASPP test, but now we’ll go over it more in depth. We’ll be starting with lesson 6 in the module. Look for the students to bring home their math practice books for homework starting May 22.

Science/Innovation Center

Students will design and build a box car for a special box car derby race. The week of May 28, students will be given an assignment to design a car that can be made out of a cardboard box. They can use duct tape, cardboard, packing tape, paint, rope, and glue. No other materials are allowed. They will design the car on paper. They will then be assigned a team to work with to choose a favorite design and build the box car. The building will take place during two sessions in our innovation center. The students will then race the box cars the last week of school. Please send materials to school starting on Monday, June 3.


We are starting Unit 5 this week. This is our government unit. The students will learn about both our US Constitution and our California State Constitution. They will examine the levels and branches of government and take a closer look at the responsibilities of the federal, state, and local governments. We plan to test this unit the last week of May. As we get closer to the test, the students will bring home a study guide and vocabulary cards to help them study.

Progress Reports

Official third trimester progress reports will come home on Wednesday, May 15, in the students’ work envelopes. Please sign and return the copy that has a parent signature line. Actual report cards go home on the last day of school.

We have noticed that some of the students have relaxed a little too much with their homework and classwork lately. Please remind your child that there is still over a month of school left and many grades left to earn. Each piece of homework helps them master the material they need to know for 4th grade and contributes to their overall grade in each subject area.

Class Play: “On the Radio”

Our class will have its final performance of our play on Friday, May 17 at 11:05 in the multipurpose room. We hope you all can make it. Because of the 11:55 dismissal, our class will not be having refreshments after the play. We hope you will enjoy having lunch with your child.

Open House

Our annual Open House will be held on Wednesday, May 29. The gates will open at 5:45. The evening begins at 6:00 with a welcome message from our principal. Then classrooms will be open from 6:10-7:00. Finally, families can stroll through our school wide art gallery in the multipurpose room until 7:30. We hope you can make it.

**Students will be dismissed at 1:57 on this day.

Volunteer Tea

La Mariposa would like to say thank you to our many volunteers at our annual Volunteer Tea on Friday, May 31 from 9:30-11:00 in our multipurpose room. There will be refreshments as well as musical performances by each grade level. We hope you can make it.

Library Books

Please return all library books on Tuesday, May 14. We need time for our library volunteers to process all the returns and prepare overdue notices for any outstanding books. We should know in the next week our updated overdue book list.

Save the Date

5/16 Progress Reports Go Home

5/17 11:05 Play Final Performance

5/17 11:55 Dismissal for Students

5/21 PTA Meeting 9:15 am

5/24 Crazy Sock Day

5/27 No School/Memorial Day

5/29 Open House/1:57 Dismissal

5/31 Volunteer Tea 9:30-11:00

6/14 Last Day of School/Noon Dismissal/Report Cards Go Home