" If technology is designed mostly by the half of our population that's male, we're missing out on the innovations, solutions and creations that 50% of the population could bring.", NCWIT

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Driven by equity and access, we advance the awareness of information technology and computing opportunities for PV Women.


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16/17 Highlights

Our first year was fun and busy! We hosted or participated in many wonderful events and activities in 16/17. PV became partners with Girls Who Code and National Center for Women & Information Technology. WIT participated with several organizations, including; Arizona State University, Executive Women's Forum, Cisco, and Stanford University.

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  • Expansion of Cluster with Folding @Home and Stanford University - design/deploy cluster array for Facilities and each HS, solar-powered home kits.
  • Launch the first K12 global LOLA node, performing live music with with Kentucky, over the Arizona Sun Corridor Network.
  • Creation and experiential events at middle and high, called TGIF (Tech Girls Innovating on Friday), from 4-9 pm.
  • Launch of L-Space, an IT experiential and creation space for students at Technology Operations Center.
      • Computer programming centers for students using Microsoft technologies.
      • A student-centered cybersecurity and networking lab with Cisco.
      • Collaboration technology centers for students using Cisco and Google cloud technologies.
      • Data Center tours and understanding via L-Space events.
      • Development and mentoring support to PV's Immigrant/Refugee Initiative, speaking many different languages.
  • Twenty-two, K-12 female students present on WIT at the General Session of the annual, AZ K12 CTO/CIO Conference.
  • Real Life Stories v2.x to multiple PV schools.
  • Going deep with world-class data centers owned and operated by Zayo.
  • Over 20 professionals from Executive Women's Forum provide digital risk and security conversations with elementary and high school students.
  • Sponsorship and support to PV's first group of HS female students taking coding courses through edX.
  • Integration of NCWIT's Counselors for Computing (C4C) into all PV high school counseling and career offices.
  • IT mentoring of 10+ female HS students, the entire Summer.
  • Technical experiences and activities with light waves through PV's ongoing large-scale, Wide Area Network, fiber installation by Zayo.
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