From left to right: Mrs. Gonzalez, Mrs. Navarro, Mr. Washburn, Mrs. Leal, Mrs. Fierros, Mrs. Villalobos

Assistant Principal over Counseling


Jose Topete, extension/Extension 20103

Counselor Information by Alpha/Program Breakdown: 

         Información del consejero/a:

Mrs. Melina Gonzalez

melina.gonzalez@  Ext. 20117

 Mr. Ben Washburn

ben.washburn@ Ext. 20113

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Counseling Office is located in the Kennedy Building 

Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00 am to 3:30 pm

Phone: 951-940-5447 

Closed weekends and all holidays/breaks

News and Updates

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Senior Interviews Presentation 2024

Senior Interview Student Presentation- Class of 2024

Parents Should Monitor their Student Year Round!

Canvas: Pairing a Parent with Their Student

Important Dates 

Grading Periods for the 2023-2024 School-Year: 

First Semester:

September 15th: End of 6 Week Grading Period

October 27th: End of 12 Week Grading Period

December 15th: Last Day of 1st Semester, Final Grades Post

Second Semester:

March 1st: End of 6 Week Grading Period 

April 19th: End of 12 Week Grading Period 

May 9th: 12 Week Grade Celebration

June - Last Day of 2nd Semester, Final Grades Post

Check-Out our Senior Page for Important Dates, Information and Events. 

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